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A mother is the greatest treasure that everyone has in our life. A person that God chose to love us and take care whatever happens, she will never fail. She is like our best friend, she means everything to us. And we should be very thankful that through it we are on this earth.

So every time Mom fulfill one more year we wish she could pass a very cheerful day, which is full of details and gifts from everyone. If you want to impress her on her birthday, we give you a good option to thrill her. Write something beautiful for her full of feelings and emotion, where you can express what you feel for her. Lines below, we give you an example so that you can use it if you will be excited to do so. You will see that will be the most beautiful gift she receives.

Free birthday letter to my mom:

Dear Mom:

I am very grateful to the Lord for giving me a mother like you and give you one more year of life. You have been, are and will be the best mom on this earth, and it’s your birthday today so I am very happy to be with you and with our loved ones.

I will never forget so many beautiful things that we have lived together. You never let yourself to get overwhelmed for anything, and thanks to you we could have so much and we never miss anything. You gave all of you to make things happen, and for us to never suffer critically.

You know I really admire and would like to be a mom like you. Thanks to you I learned to be a right person, not only when you were talking to me about it but also by your example. Although you always say that you had your mistakes, I think you were perfect. It really does not matter if you failed, what matter is that you taught us to be strong, to be together and live in love.

There are times that I start to think how life would be without you and my heart get filled with sadness and fear. I do not know what I would do without you dear mother. While I know that everyone has their time on earth, still terrifies me to think that someday you have to depart, so I want to be by your side forever. I want to remind you that I love you a lot and I would do everything in my hands to see you happy as well as you did for me.

Everything I learned from you helped me, your punishment, your touch, your way to make life more beautiful and make us understand that we must learn to fight for what we want, and we are also humans who laugh and cry. I love you with my entire heart, mom. Have a happy day. I want the Lord grant you more years of life.

I love you.

We hope this letter will be useful for you to make one for your mother. Maybe in your writing you can add one of the experiences between you and your mother. You will see that your mom will be very excited when you read everything you wrote thinking about her.

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