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There are TV shows that have become very popular throughout the world and within these we find that a large proportion are produced in the United States and the great success and the welcome they have is a result of a combination of originality, the best writers and writers with the best cast of actors and actresses.

Then we will talk a little about each of the best television series that are currently produced in the U.S., we will tell you what television broadcaster they belong and will offer a brief description of their plots.


Nowadays this series is considered the most popular and most-watched which more audience has gained through its thirteen consecutive transmission seasons. This series is responsible for putting on top the criminology issues worldwide and this because the series show a very select group forensic investigators and police who are in charge of solving the most puzzling crimes that occur in the restive city of Las Vegas.

The first episode of this series was issued in 2000 and belongs to CBS. Such has been the host of this program that it has been adapted for two more versions that are CSI Miami and CSI New York. If you want to know more about CSI visit their official web page of CBS

The Big Bang Theory

Within the genre of comedy this is the number one worldwide. In this series we have 5 main characters, a group of four “nerds” with intelligence but with poor social skills, especially in regards to the girls, having a sexy and good looking neighbor girl beside with whom they live a lot of hilarious situations. This is another successful series with the seal of the CBS and goes in its 7th season. You can learn more about it on page


Musicals are fashionable and it has its origins in the idea that we all have at least once of becoming music and dance stars. This series is the number one within the genre of music and it is about a group of young students which face a number of problems in order to become stars. Throughout each chapter you will be amazed by the originality of the choreography and the quality of singing musical arrangements. This series is a favorite among young people. This program belongs to FOX and you can find their website at

The Walking Dead

Who does not like the suspense and terror? Well that’s why zombies have become popular within that genre and The Walking Dead is the most successful series has been achieved through addressing the issue of zombie apocalypse. In it the world has been infected by a disease that has turned people into zombies, except a small group of survivors who fought in each chapter for their safety and find a place in which to live. The chain responsible for the success of this program is AMC and you can view news and information related to

New Girl

This is a series that can be considered new and is in its second season, even though it has earned an important place in viewership, not only USA but worldwide. This program is about a girl who is tired of suffering love disappointments and she wants to start over her life. She becomes the flatmate of 3 men who she doesn’t know and this, coupled with its dual personality generates a series of fun problems. You can see it on FOX and visit its webpage here to view additional information.

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