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Every time a girl turns fifteen years old, she becomes a lady, a magical stage in her life. It is common for the parents of the fifteen year old to want to celebrate this birthday big time.

In case you have a friend who will turn fifteen years old, we recommend you to write her a letter expressing your best wishes for her and encouraging her to go out and live this new stage she is entering a be a complete lady.

On the lines below we give you two examples of letters you can use it as a model so you can make your own letter for that friend who is very excited to celebrate her fifteen years of age.

Free birthday letter 1 for a 15 years old girl:

Happy birthday dear friend!

The big day came the two of us have longed so much for has finally arrived. Do you remember that we always imagined how this day would be like? We talked a lot about your birthday party, even how you would dress up and how the dancing room would be like, among other things. I want to enjoy much of this special day for you. Today the day you have waited for so much is finally here and I so today. I want you to be able to accomplish so many things you desire.

I want you to enjoy your party to the fullest, so I want to see you dance very hard and smile a lot, so that this day is unforgettable for you. You are a great girl, and that is why you should enjoy what your parents have prepared for you, since we all admire you so much for being who you are. Remember that you are the sister I never had and I do not want to leave your side ever.

I ask God that we are always together and that we never fight about anything or anyone. And that you let me share this new stage of your life with you. I hope you have a nice birthday and get to receive many gifts and much love because you deserve it.

Free birthday letter 2 for a 15 years old girl:

Congratulations on your fifteen years!

Today is a day you have eagerly waited for, so I want you to really have a nice time. You are more than just a friend to me, you are already a part of my family. I am so glad that you are already a lady and for watching you smile and the joy in your eyes for wanting to enjoy this day you waited for so much, especially for the big party you will have.

Now that you are such a lady, you will think and you will feel differently. So you know you can rely on me for any concern you may have, above all, I want our friendship to continue despite all the obstacles we may face, always remember that we will stay together.

Hopefully we will spend every upcoming birthday together and may the Lord enlighten your path forever. I am grateful to our Father because he placed you in my way and you are a very special friend to me, you are a great person and you are always by my side when I need you the most. I am happy to have found someone like you. You do not know how much I love you and I feel blessed that you are a part of my life.

Hopefully one of the example letters can help you express everything you feel about your best friend on the day of her fifteenth birthday. You see that it will be one of the best gifts she will receive. Good luck.

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