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Very cute
happy birthday wishes

Top birthday greetings for friends.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings
Looking for best happy birthday wishes , top birthday greetings for Mother, happy birthday love messages for boyfriend , birthday wishes for cards , birthday greetings for friends , inspirational birthday wishes for lovers? .

Birthdays of certain people, like your family members or special friends cannot be missed and should be celebrated with cute birthday phrases.

That is why we invite you to read the following beautiful birthday words. Use them freely through SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp and if you want to make it more personal you can also choose some birthday image to put it as background in your birthday message.Cute birthday letters for your friends.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings

What is the best
birthday wishes
for my Mother?

Surprise your mother on her day with the beautiful birthday phrases that we have compiled for you on this occasion. Mom’s birthday is the perfect time to show her all the gratitude we feel towards her, as well as the admiration, respect, and immense affection we have for her.

In the following lines you will see that we bring you many free examples of the most original phrases to wish your Mom a beautiful day.

Take the time to read each and every one of the phrases that we bring you, as they will allow you to discover very new ways to wish her the best on her day. Choose as many as you want, give them your personal touch and send your Mom one that makes her smile.

:: “Happy birthday, dear Mom! Your light illuminates our lives. Thank you for your unconditional love and warm hugs. You are the reason for our joy. May this day be full of happiness, as you have taught us to live”.

:: “It’s your birthday, Mommy, and that’s why I want to celebrate the incredible woman you are. Your love is my refuge, your advice my guide. May this day fill you with joy and all the love you deserve”.

:: “Happy birthday to the queen of my heart! Your kindness and strength are inspiring. I wish you many laughs and beautiful Moments. Thank you for being the best Mom in the world”.

:: “On your special day, Mom, I want to express my eternal love. You are my hero, my confidant. May this birthday bring you the happiness you deserve. I hug you with all my love”.

:: “Happy birthday, beloved Mom! Your love is my greatest treasure. May this day surround you with the same joy and love that you have given us. Thank you for being my constant guide”.

How do I wish my granny
a happy birthday
on WhatsApp?

:: “Grandma, on this beautiful day, I send you all my love and gratitude for being my favorite granny. Congratulations!”.

:: “That on your birthday you receive all the love and affection that you have always given us. I adore you, granny!”.

:: “You are the most important thing we have in our family and we love you with all our hearts. Happy birthday, dear grandmother!”.

:: “Today we celebrate the life of an extraordinary grandmother who has given us so much love and wisdom. Congratulations!”.

:: “On your birthday, I want to thank you for the precious memories we have shared together. I love you Grandma!”.

How can I tell my sister
happy birthday?

These beautiful congratulation words for your sister’s birthday will allow you to express your feelings and wish her the best throughout her life. Do not forget to visit us whenever you want, here we will always have the most original birthday messages to share.

Not infrequently we are aware of how lucky we are to be surrounded by so many people who love us and that enjoying the company of a sister is a huge blessing. On the day of his birthday we must share beautiful messages of congratulations for a sister.

Such a special occasion is the perfect moment for you to thank your sister for the fact of existing, for accompanying you on the path of life, for her love and for all that she has given you, so we have prepared for you the most beautiful happy birthday words to congratulate a sister.

In this section you will find some original birthday messages for your sister that you can share with all tranquility and with the assurance that they will awaken a lot of joy in your heart.

:: “Pretty sister, on this amazing and wonderful day, I wish that joy fills your heart and that every moment is filled with blessings and smiles. Happy birthday!”.

:: “Happy birthday to my beloved sister, may life fill you with success, true love and fulfilled dreams. I love you with all my heart, today and always”.

:: “I celebrate another year of life with you, sister, and I wish you health, love and prosperity in this new cycle that you are beginning. You are the best example that I could follow; I admire you very much”.

:: “Happy birthday, little sister! On your day, I want to express how much I love you and how grateful I am to have such an amazing sister like you”.

:: “[Name], may this year be the start of new and exciting adventures, and may you always find happiness in every step you take. You are a great sister and I adore you”.

happy birthday text
for niece

:: “Happy birthday, dear niece! May you shine like a star today and every wish you make come true”.

:: “Congratulations, little champion! Today we celebrate another year of your incredible joy and contagious energy. May you never lose your spark”.

:: “Today, on your birthday, the angels of heaven sing in your honor. May the melody of happiness be with you always”.

:: “Congratulations, my favorite superhero! May your birthday be filled with special powers and exciting adventures that make you fly high”.

:: “On this special day, I hope that every step you take brings you closer to your dreams. Never stop believing in yourself. Happy birthday!”.

What is the best
birthday message
for cousin girl?

:: “Today I celebrate the birthday of my life partner. Thank you for every moment shared and for being my unwavering support. I love you very much!”.

:: “Happy birthday, dear cousin. You are my sister of the heart and my best friend. May this day be full of surprises and unforgettable moments”.

:: “Cousin, today I want to tell you that you are a really essential part of my life. You are my soulmate and my faithful confidante. May happiness always surround you!”.

:: “Today is the birthday of the person who is always there for me. Thank you for being my unconditional friend. I love you with all my heart, cousin”.

:: “Happy birthday, my dear cousin. You are my accomplice in mischief and my confidant in difficult times. May this day be magical and full of love”.

Lovely birthday greetings
for husband

Discovering the ideal partner is finding someone who goes beyond being just a husband. It is finding an ally for everything, someone who understands you perfectly and celebrates your successes.

A husband like this is a balance of strength and tenderness. Therefore, show affection to him permanently and, above all, today, which is his birthday.

:: “Congratulations to the man of my dreams. You are the compass that guides me through the vast sea of life. I love you so much, my love”.
:: “Happy birthday to the wind that drives me to move forward. My love, you illuminate every dark corner of my existence like the sun”.

:: “Because you have exceptional values and a brilliant mind, I love you. In the midst of storms, you are the anchor that gives me stability. Congratulations on your birthday, dear husband!”.

:: “Have a nice day! Thank you for always being present and for showing me the direction to follow. Every year with you is better than the last”.

:: “Although you are a man of contrasts, I enjoy all of them. You have strength, kindness, and determination. Happy birthday and all my love to you!”.

:: “You are a mysterious man, and I enjoy discovering you every day. Congratulations on another year of life and may there be thousands more that we can share together”.Cute birthday letters for your friends.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings

Love messages
to wish my boyfriend
a happy birthday

Make your boyfriend feel the most special guy in the world with these beautiful love messages to wish him a happy birthday. He will really appreciate you taking a minute to choose the one that shows him how you feel about him best, so pick them carefully.

They are completely free of charge so do not hesitate to take more than one and personalizing them to make them your own.

:: “I hope that, on your birthday, happiness embraces you and joy follows you in every step you take. Happy birthday, my love, you are my greatest inspiration!”.

:: “I love you, baby! I wish you the absolute best birthday! You are one of a kind and the one who stole my heart!”.

:: “You are the person who makes my world perfect. Happy birthday my love, may this day be full of magic and lovely surprises”.

:: “My dear, on this special day, I want to renew my promises of love and loyalty to you. Happy birthday, my love, you are the only one in my heart!”.

:: “Today, on your birthday, I want to express my gratitude for your constant presence in my life. Happy birthday, my eternal love, I love you more than words can express!”.

How do you say happy birthday
to an ex you still love?

:: “Happy birthday to one of my favorite people in this world. I feel very glad that we were able to preserve our friendship when things did not work out between you and me”.

:: “I will always want the best for you, regardless of the reasons why we decided to stop being a couple. Today I want you to have the most beautiful birthday of all”.

:: “I hope that today you can have an incredible and very magical birthday, so that everything you ever wanted comes true”.

:: “Happy birthday! You know very well that you are someone very special to me and that for the rest of my days I will be grateful for the beautiful moments we spent together”.

:: “I implore you to leave the past behind, because there is no point in holding on to things that didn’t work out. May your birthday be everything you long for and may all your wishes come true”.

Find sweetest happy birthday wishes for Facebook.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings

happy birthday wishes
for friends

:: “Congratulations! I wish you have a jovial, fantastic and special birthday. Many hugs for you”.

:: “Happy Birthday dear friend, I wish you a year enriched with happiness, may you have many personal satisfactions and that you would find the love of your life”.

:: “Special greetings for your day, may happiness and luck accompany you throughout your life. Happy Birthday”.

:: “I send you an affectionate birthday greeting. I wish you serenity, happiness and a super celebration with your loved ones”.

:: “Happy Birthday from someone who always has good thoughts for you and today I give you a space in my heart”.

happy birthday greetings
for friends

:: “20 years ago was born a star that has your name and for that reason I wish you to shine in everything that you propose in life”.

:: “Happy Birthday dear friend, my wish is that you would keep every day of your life the same joy with which you celebrate this date. Congratulations”.

:: “There are many beautiful things that I would have trouble listing, but the most beautiful thing I have in this life is the friendship we share. Happy Birthday”.

:: “May your tears become stars, instants be transformed into unforgettable moments and you be always special for those who know you and want the best for you. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Darling, I wish you a Happy Birthday surrounded by those who love you and that you may achieve all your goals”.

Download birthday love picture & messages to send by Whatsapp.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings

How do I send
a birthday greeting
on iPhone?

:: “I wish you an unforgettable birthday, an extraordinary party and the realization of all your goals. Happy Day”.

:: “Happy Birthday, close your eyes and hold on to happiness as much as you can. Remember that dreams can come true if you intend to. Congratulations”.

:: “I want your happiness to be constant and it would awake in you all the encouragement to continue fighting for your dreams. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday, your party will last a few hours but your dreams will never end”.

:: “As time goes by, it will be more difficult to accept the years that you fulfill but I will always remain by your side. Happy Day”.
Find sweet birthday love wordings for my girlfriend Whatsapp.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings

Top birthday wishes
for someone special

:: “The world is full of wonders to discover, do not let a single day go by without enjoying life. Happy Birthday”.

:: “I wish that in your life you always have a smile, that you receive many opportunities to be happy and that you renew each emotion with great enthusiasm. Happy Birthday”.

:: “There’s no problem if you will continue to fulfill many more years, the most important thing is to enjoy life with your family. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday and that you would continue being a fascinating person full of vitality to enjoy your life and the affection of those around you”.

How do you wish
your secretary
happy birthday?

:: “Happy birthday to our teacher of efficiency and contagious smile! Thank you for making every day at the office more bearable”.

:: “On your birthday, we celebrate not only an exceptional secretary, but a true superhero of the organization. Have a really wonderful day!”.

:: “Today is the day of the star of our office: you! May you shine brighter than ever on your birthday and all your wishes come true”.

:: “Happy birthday to the expert at making everything look easy! Thank you for your patience and your ability to solve any obstacle”.

:: “On this day that we have been waiting for so long, I want you to know that your work does not go unnoticed: you are the spark that drives the engine of our company. Happy Birthday!”.

Birthday invitation texts:
Messages for birthday party

:: “I invite you to my birthday, which will be celebrated this Sunday. Do not worry about bringing anything, your presence is enough for me”.

:: “Dear colleagues, I am pleased to extend this invitation to you to join the celebration of my birthday. Your presence will be a gift to me!”.

:: “My birthday is approaching and I wish to have your presence to celebrate it together. “It would be an honor to have you by my side on this special day that is yet to come”.

:: “I want to share my excitement by inviting you to my birthday party. I am sure that together we will create unforgettable moments and enjoy endless fun”.

:: “Friend, I will wait for you this weekend so we can go out and have fun on the occasion of my birthday. I know I am counting on you so I am sure you will not let me down”.

With these cute birthday phrases , original birthday wishes for cards , heart touching best birthday messages you can express an affectionate greeting to whom you esteem and wish the best on this special birthday greetings for your boyfriend.#HappyBirthdayPhrases,#HappyBirthdayGreetings

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