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Very cute happy birthday wishes

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Birthdays of certain people, like your family members or special friends cannot be missed and should be celebrated with cute birthday phrases.

That is why we invite you to read the following beautiful birthday words. Use them freely through SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp and if you want to make it more personal you can also choose some birthday image to put it as background in your birthday message.Find sweetest happy birthday wishes for Facebook.#HappyBirthdayGreetings

Cute happy birthday wishes
for friends

:: “Happy Birthday dear friend, my wish is that you would keep every day of your life the same joy with which you celebrate this date. Congratulations”.

:: “Special greetings for your day, may happiness and luck accompany you throughout your life. Happy Birthday”.

:: “I send you an affectionate birthday greeting. I wish you serenity, happiness and a super celebration with your loved ones”.

:: “Happy Birthday from someone who always has good thoughts for you and today I give you a space in my heart”.Cute birthday letters for your friends.#HappyBirthdayGreetings

Best happy birthday wishes
for friends

:: “20 years ago was born a star that has your name and for that reason I wish you to shine in everything that you propose in life”.

:: “There are many beautiful things that I would have trouble listing, but the most beautiful thing I have in this life is the friendship we share. Happy Birthday”.

:: “May your tears become stars, instants be transformed into unforgettable moments and you be always special for those who know you and want the best for you. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Darling, I wish you a Happy Birthday surrounded by those who love you and that you may achieve all your goals”.Cute birthday letters for your friends.#HappyBirthdayGreetings

Wishes :
Happy Birthday dear friend !

:: “Happy Birthday dear friend, I wish you a year enriched with happiness, may you have many personal satisfactions and that you would find the love of your life”.

:: “Congratulations! I wish you have a jovial, fantastic and special birthday. Many hugs for you”.

:: “The world is full of wonders to discover, do not let a single day go by without enjoying life. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday, close your eyes and hold on to happiness as much as you can. Remember that dreams can come true if you intend to. Congratulations”.
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Short happy birthday wishes
to send via WhatsApp

:: “I wish you an unforgettable birthday, an extraordinary party and the realization of all your goals. Happy Day”.

:: “I want your happiness to be constant and it would awake in you all the encouragement to continue fighting for your dreams. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday, your party will last a few hours but your dreams will never end”.

:: “As time goes by, it will be more difficult to accept the years that you fulfill but I will always remain by your side. Happy Day”.
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Top birthday wishes
for someone special

:: “I wish that in your life you always have a smile, that you receive many opportunities to be happy and that you renew each emotion with great enthusiasm. Happy Birthday”.

:: “There’s no problem if you will continue to fulfill many more years, the most important thing is to enjoy life with your family. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday and that you would continue being a fascinating person full of vitality to enjoy your life and the affection of those around you”.

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