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In case you are an uncle or an aunt, for sure you love your nephews, since they are the children of your brother or sister, they have your blood and they can even be like your children. So you always want them to do well and you protect them from all harm.

We always want everything good for our nephews, like as if they were our own children, we want them to have happiness, love and health. So we always want to give them good advice so they do not suffer and then be sad, like we did when we were wrong.

So on the day of their birthday, you have probably already bought them a gift, so it would be a good idea to give them a loving message through a note or letter, so you can get him meditate about their life. You can tell them a personal experience of which you learned something of life for your nephew to learn how to act in a similar situation. Do not think that by only giving him a great gift he will be happy. The best thing to do is to write him something from your heart.

For that reason, on the lines below we give you an example of a message so that you can write a letter of your own with love for the nephew you love so much. You can give it to him personally, as well as send it to him through text message or a post in Facebook.

Free birthday letter for a nephew:

Dear nephew:

First of all, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday. I am very happy because God has given you another year of life. You have grown so much and you are so intelligent. I really admire you and I know your parents are very proud to have a son like you.

I know that every time it is one’s birthday, it is reason to celebrate and have fun, however many never get to think about how their life is moving one, so it is a good reason to start a good and healthy life with many goals set for us to do our best every day, dear nephew.

Achieve what you want the most without trampling over others. Enjoy your day to day without thinking about what will happen tomorrow because today is the day you need to know how to live. You listen to what your heart tells you and not do things that others do without considering your values.

It is all that I can teach you because you are like a son to me, so you can reach happiness and live with no sorrow or heart feelings in life. You will never turn 18 again, so enjoy it to the fullest and do not forget that this special day is for you.

Remember that I will always by your side for whatever you want, you know you are like the son I never had. I will always be there for you for whatever you need my adored and beloved nephew.

Congratulations on another year of life, enjoy the food, the gifts and especially all the love we, your friends and family, are here to give you. I ask that you do not throw this letter away and you always read it especially when you find yourself alone.

Hopefully you have liked this letter so you dedicate it to the nephew you love so much.

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