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Every time your girlfriend’s birthday arrives, it is a special day so you have to make sure her day is different and that you express all your feelings for her and remind her that she is very special in your life and that you are very glad to have found her.

For sure you have already bought a gift that you know she will like, we recommend you to include a card containing a short message, telling her how much you love her and that you are very happy to have shared all this time with her.

Generally women love that you tell them all these things.For this reason we present you three examples of short messages you can dedicate to your girlfriend for this special day for her.

Choose the one you know will please her the most and that makes you feel most identified with. Give it to her along with the gift and you will see how her face radiates joy.

Example 1 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend:

Happy day, Princess!

I am very glad to be by your side on this special day for you. I am grateful that the Lord placed you on my way. I had never met a woman as special as you and I feel so much love for you. I am so happy when I draw a smile on your face and I want you to be happy like that.

I want this time you have been with be amazing for you, I will make sure of it. You are essential in my life. I would like to fulfill all of your dreams, I would like to be your fairy godmother because you have been so good that you deserve it all. However I cannot do it, but my gift is meant for you with a lot of love.

A gift is not given only on your birthday but every day with little gestures I have for you.
I hope that today you have a spectacular day, I love you so much my love.

Example 2 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend:

My love:

May this day remains forever in your mind. Today you will be surrounded by people who love you, especially me because you are the love of my life. I hope we are together and that you are happy. Today is a very special day for you and I want you to have a spectacular time.

You do not know the joy you have brought into my life from that day I first saw you. So I am very grateful to God for having put you in my way and I want us to be together much longer. I want to be by your side to help you in everything I can, to be your faithful companion, to love you, to pamper you and to be together until eternity.

I wish that all we yearn becomes true, so ask for anything you want when you blow out the candles in your cake. I will be with no matter what. I am here to make you the happiest woman in the world.

I always wanted to find a woman like you, so you have a Happy Birthday, my love.

Example 3 of a birthday letter for my girlfriend:

Happy birthday my life

I do not know what to tell you for you to understand how much I love you and how lucky I feel for being able to celebrate another one of your birthdays by your side. Every year we have an amazing time because I know that I am the man in your life. I swear I will continue making laugh as usual and loving you more and more every day.

I hope that today you receive many gifts and that you feel all the love that you have from all of us. I have a gift for you, however I will tell you that I got it for you with all my love.

Remember that you are the best thing in my life and that I am capable of everything for you. And that I wish with you are the happiest woman in the world with all my heart.

Happy day my love, I love you very much.

Hopefully you liked one of the sample letters and you decide to dedicate it to your girlfriend, who you love with all your heart.

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