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Best romantic texts
for GirlfriendDownload love messages for Her.#RomanticMessages

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Being far away from the one we love the most is one of the hardest situations we sometimes have to face when we are in a long-distance relationship or when the person we love has to leave for work or family reasons.

Remind your love how much you miss him or her with the following messages of I miss you very much, my love.Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp.#RomanticMessages

Download best
romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “Your memory alone is enough to make me sigh with love for you and let myself be carried away by the most beautiful fantasies by your side. I am really in love!”.
Category : Romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “Every moment I share with you fills me with a happiness that knows no limits and makes my love for you stronger than ever”.
Category : Romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “Every time I am by your side I realize how lucky I am to have the love of a beautiful and intelligent woman like you are. Thanks for being a part of my life!”.
Category : Romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “When we go out for a walk, holding hands, my heart beats with excitement and I am very proud to have as girlfriend the most wonderful of all women. I love you!”
Category : Romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “Love, what I feel for you grows more and more every day, because you have the power to make me fall in love without limits. I adore you and I promise you that it will always be like this”.
Category : Romantic texts for GirlfriendI am deeply in love with you text messages.#RomanticMessages

I love you my Princess
romantic messages

:: “Like a stone was my heart and now it is as soft as a cloud because your love changed my whole world and my life”.
Category : Whatsapp romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “Don’t wonder if I think of you because I do it every moment, with every breath, with every beat of my heart”.
Category : Whatsapp romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “The rain falls and the days are cold, but my heart is flooded by the warm feeling your love produces in me”.
Category : Whatsapp romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “I want to have you with me because you are the perfect woman; I get lost in your eyes and rave with your smile”.
Category : Whatsapp romantic texts for Girlfriend

:: “Only you understand me and believe in me so much that you give me the strength to fight for what I want and become what I long for”.
Category : Whatsapp romantic texts for GirlfriendYou are the only one I want love messages.#RomanticMessages

Messages to say I miss you
very much, my love

:: “There is a great distance between you and me; however, I want you to know that my love for you has not changed at all. You are the woman who makes me happy every day and for that I love you and I will love you forever”.
Category : I miss you love messages

:: “At this time in which we are far from each other I got to understand that my life without you is meaningless. My love, wait for me to come back soon to keep loving each other, not for a moment I have been able to get you out of my mind”.
Category : I miss you love messages

:: “Every time that we have enjoyed together has remained etched in my mind and now those memories are the only thing holding me to continue without you. Soon I will travel back and nothing will separate us ”
Category : I miss you love messages

:: “At all times I miss you, I would like you to be by my side to feel complete, you will see that life is going to compensate us very well for the sacrifice we are doing right now. Do not you get tired of waiting for me my love”.
Category : I miss you love messagesbest tender love thoughts & messages for Girlfriend.#RomanticMessages

Get sweet love messages
for Girlfriend

:: “The wonderful days that I have enjoyed with you come to my mind and you do not know how lucky I feel to have your love. Being away traveling is not easy because I do really miss you, but on a few days I going back because I cannot live without you”.
Category : Love messages for Her

:: “The day I left I promised that I would return, that promise still stands my love. The days will pass very fast and without realizing it, the time will come in which we will be together again. I miss you so much my love”.
Category : Love messages for Her

:: “Being your boyfriend makes me feel really lucky, because having such an amazing woman by my side is a real privilege. I love you, my darling, I hope you will always keep that in mind”.
Category : Love messages for Her

:: “With this trip I learned to appreciate the wonderful times we spent together, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I want you to know that each night I dream about being reunited with you once again”.
Category : Love messages for HerFind I will adore you forever sweet mobile messages.#RomanticMessages

Find Messenger
romantic messages for Her

:: “It does not matter how far we are because our love is true and we know how to face all the difficulties that arise. Not a minute I am not caught thinking of you because I love you with all my strength”.
Category : Messenger romantic messages

:: “I kept in my heart the very last kiss we gave each other, I am dying to see you again to look at your eyes and tell you that you are the woman of my life. Your love gives me the strength to endure the distance that separates us”.
Category : Messenger romantic messages

:: “I do not know how to live without your kisses and your caresses, I miss you so much my beloved and all I want is for us to meet again soon because I feel a great need of your love”.
Category : Messenger romantic messages

:: “Have no doubts and no fears my Princess, my love for you is much stronger than before and although we are far from each other, I want you to know that I think of you and I dream of you at every time and cannot wait the time in which we will meet again”.
Category : Messenger romantic messagesBest 'I love you' messages for Him & Her.#RomanticMessages

Cute love phrases for
Instagram cards

:: “It is the first trip that I do and I hope it will also be the last because it is very difficult to be away from you; in a few days I am going back and I will show you I love you more than ever”.
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:: “As the days go by I feel more excited because we will meet again. I still love you as always as you are my Princess”.
ategory : Love phrases for cards

:: “This trip would be fantastic if you were by my side to enjoy a great time together, but as you are not with me it is all very sad. I love you so much my darling and I will return to show you that my love promises were not in vain”.
ategory : Love phrases for cards

:: “I am only alive due to the illusion of seeing you again, every day that passes we are closer to meet again, you will see that I have not stopped loving you because I will make you feel the happiest of all women”.
ategory : Love phrases for cards

It never hurts to try to bring a smile to the one we love the most, especially when he/she is far away, so for that you can count on these beautiful messages of I miss you very much my love, you will see that he/she will be happy to have received them.Romantic phrases that melt hearts.#RomanticMessages

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