Download New Love Texts

Download cute love texts When you have a partner, the most difficult thing is to be away from that person that you love, since you always need him or her by your side, to caresses and tell many times how much you love him or her. When a physical distance exists between the two partners …

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Download Free God Texts

New free God texts Since we were small, we have been taught that God’s love is inexhaustible and infinite. He is our true Father and therefore the love He has for each of us is able to forgive sins and mistakes. It also it teaches us to love each other like brothers. Despite we are …

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download sad texts for facebook, new sad texts for facebook

New Sad Texts For Facebook

Download sad texts for Facebook Unfortunately life is not only joy and sometimes we can feel a little sad. Things do not always go as we want and there are also times in which sad and unfortunate things happen and make us go through a painful and gloomy moment. It is normal for us to …

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download texts about life, new texts about life

Download Free Texts About Life

Nice texts about life Never think that everything bad and all the complications that present day to day in our lives will last a lifetime; that is not true, there are beautiful things that are meant for you. So you should feel blessed I have life and to achieve your goals. Remember that you live …

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