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Best Merry Christmas wishesChristmas greetings for lovers.#ChristmasGreetings

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After celebrating all the different festivities of the year, we prepare to welcome one of the last and perhaps the most special of all, Christmas.

When Christmas time approaches, we want to share our best feelings with all our loved ones and that is why this time we bring you a couple of texts that you can dedicate to your friends.

Remember that you can use the texts on the lines below with complete freedom and share them with your friends to wish them much happiness on this Christmas.Best Merry Christmas wishes and messages.#ChristmasGreetings

Romantic Christmas phrases

:: “I will love you forever, my love, and on this Christmas day I want to renew the promise I made to you to always be by your side”.

:: “Before anyone else, the one I want to dedicate my thoughts to is you, love of my life. Merry Christmas, sweetheart of my soul”.

:: “There is only one thing I love as much as I love you, and that is Christmas: the best time of the year. Merry Christmas! I love you”.

:: “We are a great team and this Christmas will be no exception, we will have a beautiful Christmas dinner and be very happy. Merry Christmas, my Princess”.Christmas greeting cards for WhatsApp and Facebook.#ChristmasGreetings

Merry Christmas
love phrases

:: “I do not need anything in this beautiful Christmas, anything other than you. Your company is the only thing my heart longs for to be happy. I love you and wish you a Merry Christmas”.

:: “I wish that this Christmas night all the angels come to take care of us and make this the best event we have experienced. Merry Christmas, my love”.

:: “Tonight let us rest and sleep with the happiness of knowing that tomorrow will be Christmas, the best day of the year. I love you, Merry Christmas Eve, sweetheart”.

:: “I do not have much to give you this Christmas, but I have my heart, which I give you with all my love. Merry Christmas, light of my life”.Best Whatsapp Christmas quotes.#ChristmasGreetings

Download the best
Christmas phrases

:: “The only gift I want for Christmas cannot be bought even with all the money in the world because what I want is the love and companionship of my loved ones. Merry Christmas!”.

:: “Merry Christmas my dear friend! This is a perfect time for reconciliation, so I ask you to forgive me and I hope that we continue being good friends forever”.

:: “I have so many good friends that I cannot send a personal text to every one of you, but I want you to know that you are all in my heart and I wish you all the best”.

:: “More important than all the nice gifts you can receive on this Christmas is that you enjoy the company of all your friends and family. I wish you happy holidays!”.Best quotes about the spirit of Christmas.#ChristmasGreetings

Christmas wishes
for friends

:: “You are one of the people I love most in the world, so I want to wish you all the best for this Christmas. May all your wishes come true and may your heart be filled with beautiful illusions”.

:: “Cheer up and may all the beautiful feelings of Christmas invade your heart so that it is full of love and happiness. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “The cottage represents a touching scene as it allows us to see that love is more important than comfort and material goods. Merry Christmas!”.

:: “My dear friend, I remember you with love and miss you so much. I hope you enjoy a Merry Christmas and that all of your dreams come true”.Christmas wishes ready to copy & paste.#ChristmasGreetings

Christmas greetings
for cards

:: “You do not have to be a millionaire to be generous on this Christmas, there will always be something that you can share with your loved ones. I wish you many happy returns!”.

:: “This is the most special day of the whole year and I could not forget a dear friend like you. I send you a big hug and wish you all the best for this Christmas Eve”.

:: “Maybe gifts or even the Christmas dinner can be missing in your home, but what cannot be missing is love, happiness and hope. I wish you a Merry Christmas dear friend!”.

:: “Christmas is so beautiful, it is a time in which you can feel in the Christmas spirit everywhere. I wish you all the very best and may God bless you”.What should I write in my family Christmas card?.#ChristmasGreetings

Christmas messages

:: “My dear friend, no matter if there is a great distance separating us, our friendship will be as strong as always. I send you a big hug and with you all the best for this Christmas Eve”.

:: “Cheer up for the joy that Christmas brings and may a huge smile be on your face so you can share it with your loved ones. My dear friend, I wish you all the best for this Christmas holiday!”.

:: “All my good friends have a very special place in my heart, so I will always remember them, especially at times like this. I wish you a Merry Christmas!”.

We hope your liked these texts just as much as your friends will enjoy them, remember that it is always good to share your feelings with your loved ones and people around you.

We will be waiting for you with many more free texts, so come back soon to our web page!Christmas family sayings and quotes.#ChristmasGreetings

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