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Sweet Merry Christmas
my love phrasesMerry Christmas quotes.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

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Share with your fiancé or fiancée a romantic Christmas message, you will see that it will be the cherry on top of any gift you can give him or her, because when we dedicate nice words to our loved one, we are giving him or her a reason to smile and feel very happy and cherished. Check the list of messages below and choose your favorite, always giving it your personal touch.Best merry Christmas wishes and messages to Girlfriend.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

Romantic Christmas messages

:: “I will have to ask you to stay with me forever, because life without you would be meaningless. Merry Christmas, my love”.

:: “I sometimes look at you and I am amazed, because I cannot believe how lucky I was to find you. I love you and wish you a beautiful Christmas”.

:: “I cannot wait to see what adventures the future will bring, I just know that with you by my side everything is wonderful. Merry Christmas, I love you”.

:: “Beautiful Christmas and many successes in the coming year, my dear. You deserve the world, the sky, the universe and the stars. I adore you!”.Christmas romantic love messages.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

Merry Christmas
my love quotes

:: “One look from you is enough to know what you think, because the connection we have is undeniable and I have never been so happy before. Merry Christmas, darling”.

:: “I hope to live thousands of years, to have all the time in the world by your side, because one life is not enough for me. Merry Christmas, beautiful”.

:: “I think not everyone is capable of so much love and commitment on a relationship, so we must be beating some sort of record. Have a great Christmas, dear!”.

:: “I already want us to say ‘yes’ in front of the whole world and become husband and wife. I love you so much, I do not know how else to say it. Merry Christmas, honey”.Find sweet christmas wishes for Girlfriend.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

Merry Christmas
romantic wishes

:: “Here is to the most wonderful groom in the galaxy, the man who will soon become my husband and the one I love the most. Merry Christmas!”.

:: “I love sharing every minute with you, especially now that it is Christmas. I love you infinitely and wish you a beautiful Christmas”.

:: “Merry Christmas to the most amazing and loving boyfriend I could have found. My heart is yours, my life, all three hundred and sixty-five days of the year”.

:: “Thousands of kisses, my darling. Here is to you and our love on this beautiful occasion. Merry Christmas and a have a happy New Year”.

:: “I long for the day we will become husband and wife, because I know it will be the most wonderful day in our existence. Merry Christmas, I adore you!”.Find romantic messages for Her at Christmas.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

Merry Christmas, baby,
I love you wishes

:: “Knowing you was the best thing that ever happened to me and you are the gift I get to enjoy every day. Merry Christmas, baby, I love you”.

:: “Have a beautiful and lovely Christmas, sweetheart. My days have become wonderful since you came into my life and for that I thank you”.

:: “I wish you a merry Christmas and lots of love for you, my beloved fiancée. Thank you for your love and devotion, I want you to know that I value them very much. I love you”.

:: “I would love nothing more than to be by your side this Christmas, my love, but I promise you that we will be together as soon as possible. Merry Christmas, I adore you”.Find original Merry Christmas status for Whatsapp.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

I love you Princess
Christmas greetings

:: “Merry Christmas, love, may everything in our path be full of love and magic, because that is what you and I deserve. I love you!”.

:: “I count the minutes until I can give you a big hug full of all the love I have for you. I love you Princess, have a merry Christmas. Lots of love and kisses!”.

:: “Loving you is a gift from heaven that I will always cherish more than anything else in this life. I love you, darling, have a very merry Christmas”.

:: “Merry Christmas and happy New Year to my future husband! Nothing makes me happier than being about to start a family by your side. I adore you”.

Have a very merry Christmas and enjoy it to the fullest with those you love the most, which is how we should always celebrate the beautiful moments in life.

See you soon with much more free content, romantic messages, love phrases and more topics that we know you will love, see you next time!Find best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings.#MerryChristmasLovePhrases

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