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mother’s day messages, mother’s day phrases, mother’s day thoughtsWonderful mother’s day messages for Facebook

Do something different for your mom on her day. Tell her you love her a lot and let her feel your affection by a special phrase that expresses the great joy she gives you to be your son / daughter.

Post on your Facebook wall some tenderness and beautiful messages to thank her for bringing you to the world and give all your love every day. If you want to write on your wall some beautiful words and do not know how, do not worry.

This time we left for you some examples of Facebook posts for the day of the mother. With these beautiful dedications you will be able to greet your mom on this Mother’s Day.

Free list of mother’s day messages for Facebook:

:: “Dear Mommy, I love you as long as you have given me your affection, nothing and nobody will change the love I feel for you. You are a special mother and I am very happy to have you with me. Happy Mother’s Day”.
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:: “Mother, I love you very much, your sweet genius and kind soul can not be compared. I feel that I am very happy for the great love that you give me every day. I wish you all the best in this mother’s day because there is not a mom like you”.
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:: “You have never turned away from me, even though I don’t deserve your help and love, you give me everything so tenderly like an inexhaustible source. You are a very special woman. Have a Happy Mother’s Day because you deserve it”.
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:: “You took care of me on my early years with an unparalleled dedication. Later, when you had to be father and mother you did a great for me to have everything I need. You are ab admirable mom, so today I want to tell you to have a memorable Mother’s Day, congratulations”.
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:: “Despite my years you are always looking after me, take care of me and advise me with indescribable tenderness. You are the best mother I can have. Congratulations on this mother’s day, thank you for being so tender with me”.
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:: “The celebration of the Mother’s Day is a special day because it values and recognizes the great sacrifice made by mothers around the world. The love and protection that they give us have no bounds. I wish all the best to the moms in their day”.
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:: “Dear Mommy, you have done so much for me that it would took me my whole life to give you back everything you have done for me. I have received your recommendations and suggestions with love because I know you want the best for me. Have a happy Mother’s Day”.
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:: “I thank you, dear mother, because I can count on you through thick and thin. When sad things happen you make me realize life is wonderful and there is nothing to be worried. I love you with all my heart and really spect that you have a nice Mother’s Day”.
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We hope that these beautiful publications for Facebook on the day of the mother have been to your liking, choose one you like most and post it on the wall of your mom.

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