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Today many things have changed. Technological advances have made life it a little easier and also different. The way people relate has been no exception . Currently we see many couples who met online and end up getting married. So why think that a friendship cannot arise in the same way ?

It is a fairly new topic that is hard to accept , but it is already a reality. For the bonds of friendship to arise between two people, it is not always necessary for them to be physically together. Two people can become friends when they trust each other, care about what happens to the other person, have tastes in common, etc. , and all that can be done through the virtual world.

If you have the good fortune to have met someone online with whom you have developed a great friendship , then dedicate some of the phrases we offer you below.

Download best nice phrases for internet friends :

– “So far it seems incredible that our friendship emerged online, how lucky I am to have a such great friend like you. “Category :friendship phrases

– “Between the two of us a great friendship was born through chat rooms, I really did not think that it would work , but I was wrong . I appreciate you very much my friend . “
Category :friendship phrases

– “I have proved that friendship can arise in many ways, we met in a chat room and now we are two great friends . “
Category :friendship phrases

– ” Who would have thought that I would meet my best friend on the Internet , I appreciate it and I feel that our friendship will last forever. Thanks for giving me your friendship. “
Category :friendship phrases

– “I never imagined that through the internet I would meet such a great person like you. Do not forget I will be there for whatever you want . “
Category :friendship phrases

– “Despite the miles that separate us , I know I can count on you . It was unimaginable to think that we would become such good friends. Definitely friendship through the Internet is not a fantasy. “
Category :friendship phrases

– “We started chatting on Messenger, then we added each other on Facebook and now we do not stop texting each other through WhatsApp. Every day our friendship is going to get stronger . “
Category :friendship phrases

– ” The day you told me you were going away I thought our friendship would be affected. I never thought we could still be friends remotely, but now I have realized that we can. With the internet it is easy to keep in touch. “
Category :friendship phrases

– ” I did not think that through a website I could meet people and even less make a great friendship through that mean. But now I realize that to be good friends you do not need to be in person. Through messages or calls you can maintain a friendship . “
Category :friendship phrases

– ” Who would have thought that our friendship began many years in a chat window . Sometimes I travel for long periods , but we remain communicated as always through technology . “
Category :friendship phrases

– ” Years ago I thought that I could not have friends online, but now I have changed my mind because I met a great person who showed me that this is possible . “
Category :friendship phrases

– “When I met in person someone with whom I had chatted for years it was like as if we were already friends for a lifetime, without a doubt the internet can help you make great friends. “
Category :friendship phrases

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