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Valentine’s Day
friendship messages

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The celebration of Valentine’s Day should not be limited only to our partner; it must be complete and include our friends when sharing beautiful friendship dedications with them.

We know that you appreciate your friends and that’s why we bring you original messages for a friend on Valentine’s Day which will allow you to express your feelings.

Wish thousands of congratulations to your friend and share your best wishes through the great friendship phrases for Valentine’s Day that you will find right away.

What is a nice Valentines quote
for friends?

:: “What a great fortune to find you on my way and even more to become your best friend. I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being the best of all friends, for taking care of me, comforting me and always giving me lots of encouragement. I love you so much”.

:: “Perhaps you are the only person to whom I can express everything I feel without fear of being judged. You are my best friend and I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “Today I thank God for sending me an angel in the form of a friend who is you. I love you very much and I wish you many congratulations on this Valentine’s Day”.

:: “Every moment I share with you is full of smiles, plans for the future and dreams to come true. With much love I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.Beautiful friendship text messages to send by messenger.#FriendshipPhrases,#ValentinesDayQuotesForFriends

Happy Valentine’s Day quotes
instagram cards

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! My friend, you are like a sister to me and that is why I tell you that you can always count on me”.

:: “We are the best friends in this world and that will not change today, tomorrow or ever. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “I have shared the most great moments of my life with you, so there will always be a place in my heart for you, my best friend. I wish you lots of happiness!”.

:: “Fate made our paths cross and we decided to become best friends, since then my life is full of happiness. Have a nice Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! We are such good friends, and even sometimes we can read each other’s thoughts no matter how far we are. I love you so much!”.Download true friends WhatsApp messages & images.#FriendshipPhrases,#ValentinesDayQuotesForFriends

What do you write
in a Valentine’s Day
for a friend?

:: “The friendship that unites us is sincere and true and there will be nothing and no one who can separate us; we will be friends forever. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “On this Valentine’s Day I want to say thank you for every smile you have woken up in me, for every sadness you have comforted me and for every dream you have helped me to realize”.

:: “Not only are you a great friend, you are also an exceptional person and if this world were full of more people like you it would be much better. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “Your life is an example for me, you inspire me to fight for my dreams, you encourage me not to give up and you also support me in my decisions. My best friend, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “You are an irreplaceable friend and if one day you are not here, you would leave a void in my soul. I love you a lot, Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

What is the best short message
for Valentine day?

:: “Another year that we celebrate Valentine’s Day and I pray that they are many more and that we live great adventures. Congratulations!”.

:: “With this greeting for Valentine’s Day I want to remind you how important you are in my life and how much I want to never leave your side”.

:: “With you I discovered everything that the word friendship means and what it means to love someone who came into your life for a reason. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “It doesn’t matter where you are on the planet, you are my friend and you will never stop being it. I send you a warm hug and my congratulations on Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “I want to apologize for failing you, you are a great friend and you deserve the best. Today is Valentine’s Day and I want to wish you a very happy time”.

How do you say
Happy Valentine’s Day to a friend?

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day! You are an incredible woman who does not give up anything, who fights for her dreams and you are also a wonderful friend”.

:: “You are a woman like no other and an exceptional friend. It’s a great joy to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

:: “I thank heaven for blessing my life with the company of a great friend like you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.

Earn the gratitude of your friends and give them a little joy by dedicating beautiful friendship texts for Valentine’s Day.

Whenever you want to have a nice gesture with them, visit us for more original friendship thoughts to send in social networks.Latest friendship whatsapp sweet messages & images.#FriendshipPhrases,#ValentinesDayQuotesForFriends

Valentine’s Day quotes
for the friends you love most

There is no greater blessing than being able to count on one person at all times, right? That is what we know good friends are for.

And well, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to remind your great friend how much you appreciate her. That is why we have put together a little list of free phrases to give a nice message of love to that special little friend.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful friend! Whatever happens, you know you can always count on me. You are the best of friends; I swear I will always be there for you. I love you”.

:: “I love you, my little friend, and I want to send you a big greeting, full of love and happiness. This Valentine’s Day would not be the same without you. I love you to infinity and beyond”.

:: “Hello, beautiful friend. Happy Valentine’s Day! My life is amazing because you exist. You are a great person and I know that this life will only offer you the best, just wait and you will see”.

:: “My beautiful friend, on this Valentine’s Day, I want to remind you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for your unconditional love and for always be willing to do fun things. You are perfect!”.

:: “Happy February 14th, my good friend. You are an inspiration to me and to anyone who crosses your path. You light up my life and the life of everyone around you. Love you!”.Sweet friendship text messages for best friend forever.#FriendshipPhrases,#ValentinesDayQuotesForFriends

What is the best message
for Valentine Day?

:: “Hi, my beautiful friend. Thank you for all the moments of happiness you have given me. I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day. You are very sweet and kind to me”.

:: “Friend, what are the chances of me running into someone as good as you? Every great moment starts with you. Happy Valentine’s Day! You are like a sister to me, never forget that”.

:: “Is there any way you can live forever, my friend? Your presence brings me peace and joy. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you from here to the moon and back”.

:: “It is Valentine’s Day already, my friend! I still find it hard to believe that there is anyone as noble as you, you are unique. Thank you for existing, you radiate happiness and good energy”.

:: “I send you my best wishes and prayers of love on this special day, my friend. Happy Valentine’s Day, your beauty is unparalleled and so is the kindness of your heart”.Download best sweet friendship instagram phrases & images.#FriendshipPhrases,#ValentinesDayQuotesForFriends

February 14th
phrases for friends

:: “I am very grateful to you, my friend, for your love and friendship. There are no words to describe my love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day, I admire you so much”.

:: “Only with you I understood what true friendship means, my friend. You can be sure that with you I’ll always be there for good and bad. I’ll love you for life!”.

:: “Is it possible to find another friend as perfect as you? Probably not. You’re unmatched and impossible to replicate. Happy February 14th, I adore you”.

:: “Happy day, my little friend! On this Valentine’s Day I wish to send you a very affectionate greeting. Whether I want to or not, you will always be my best friend. I love you very much”.

:: “I will always be the friend that you need me to be and there will never be a friendship more indestructible than ours. Our relationship is almost as perfect as your beauty. Happy Valentine’s Day, I wish you all the best”.

Greetings to write
in a Valentine’s Day Card

:: “You’ve shown me your love over and over again. I want you to know how much I appreciate it and your friendship. Happy February 14th! I adore you”.

:: “I have received hundreds of gifts in my life, but none like the gift of your friendship. I confess that being your friend is the best thing that ever happened to me. Happy Valentine’s Day, my beautiful friend”.

:: “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweet friend of mine. Despite knowing my greatest faults, I know I can always count on you, for you are the most loyal. Thank you for your eternal love”.

How did you like these phrases? Pretty emotional, right? Don’t think twice, dedicate any of these messages to that very special friend on this February 14th.

We’re sure you’ll make her day. Remember that each of our sentences is made especially for you. Take as many as you want, they are all free! See you soon.Friendship request messages: what to write in a friendship request.#FriendshipPhrases,#ValentinesDayQuotesForFriends

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