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Best Facebook
statuses ideas

download facebook messenger messages quotes for friends
Looking for clever facebook statuses ? What should I write on Facebook status ? Here is a list of short messages for Facebook. We are sure your contact will totally like them.

Currently, most people are connected to an internet social network. Today Facebook is the social network with most users around the world.

In Facebook people contact despite distance. It has many tools like chat, which helps talk with friends, and walls, where messages for your friends can be posted.nice facebook statuses about love

Also, you can upload your photos so all your friends can see and comment them, and you can create groups about some topic. You can also advertise an event and invite your friends to attend.

Facebook has changed the way we communicate significantly, and it is the most popular means of communication among young people of all social facebook statuses about friendship

Cool Facebook statuses for friends

:: “I entered your Facebook to greet you and say you are special”.

:: “Welcome to Facebook. I know you are new in this network. A new friend is always welcome”.

:: “Hi. I hope you are doing well. I am very happy now”.

:: “A kiss and a hug to all my Facebook friends, especially to those who write nice short messages on my wall”.

:: “I greet you and hope you are alright. I am at your command for anything”.facebook love status best captions

Download Facebook messenger
quotes for friends

:: “A greeting to all my Facebook friends, those who have met me as well as those who have not. We already are a part of this network group”.

:: “A greeting to all my Facebook friends. We are all the same and we must have faith in love”.

:: “Connecting to Facebook keeps my heart from being alone when I read all my friends’ greetings. Many greetings to all of you”.

:: “A short message can help make important friends”.

:: “Having so many friends and not greet them is like taking them for granted. So I do not want to miss the chance to write a greeting for all of them on my wall”.What should I write on Facebook status?

Best Facebook statuses
about friendship

:: “To all Facebook members: being here helped me know love and friendship, and I am sure it will happen to you too”.

:: “As I say good night to you, I hope you awake peacefully tomorrow. When I say hello, how are you, I hope you tell me everything is wonderful in your life. Be happy and smile more”.

:: “A greeting on Facebook can sometimes be the only way to communicate when we are far apart. But when we are finally together, we will shake hands and hug”.

:: “Many greetings to all those who think distance is not a hindrance for friendship”.

:: “I only greet you. If Facebook had arms, I would have already hugged you”.

We hope you like these short messages for Facebook. Greeting our friends will help keep friendship strong.How can I express my love status?

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