Most Original Love Statuses For Facebook

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It is well known that the most beautiful thing in life is to love and be loved in return. We were born to love someone, and it does not matter where we live because somewhere there is our other half.

Love is spectacular because it is an emotion that comes from the heart and it helps us deal with everything that comes up in our way. In life we might have many love stories, but at some point true love will come up and we will want to be with our loved one forever.

Due to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, people in love send each other messages, phrases or can post on their status bars how they feel about each other. Do you want to write some love phrases on your status bar for your loved one?

Check this article because it has some original love statuses for Facebook. Your loved one will surely like them.

Free samples of original love statuses for Facebook:

– “Kissing you passionately is like going up to the sky with the moon and the sun; it is like holding hands with and angel in paradise. I love you, darling.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “When we held hands yesterday I knew I would not want to wash them again. Being together is beautiful. My imagination never told me it would be like this.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “It is true that when I post this all my friends will know about my feelings and will doubt them; but it is true. You are the most wonderful thing in my life, my love and the owner of my heart.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “I pledge to give up my life for you, I would do it gladly and smiling to the very end because you give meaning to my life.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “I am sure you own my heart. When I go to sleep your face comes to mind. When I say your name, my voice breaks. My dream has always been a love like you.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “You are the cutest boy in the world. I am very fortunate to know I am your chosen one. When you first kissed me I knew you were the idea one, the one my heart always looked forward to.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “When I hear your voice I lose concentration, and I feel our souls are somehow connected because I know if you are happy or sad, and when you think of me. This is an unexpected love for me.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “My heart is overwhelmed with so much happiness. Every second I feel I am dreaming and I do not want it to end.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “You cannot imagine how much I love you. I can only tell you that I get lost and disoriented when I think so much of you, and I do not know where I am.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

– “Until my life is through I will love you as much as I do today.”
Category :Original love statuses for Facebook

We hope you like these original love statuses for Facebook. Posting we love someone is a great proof of love for our loved ones. We want you to have a good love experience.

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