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It is said that we are constantly changing and that at some point things will change. We have been through a series of phases that we sometimes recall with great joy or sadness.

While at the start this is a little hard to understand, in the end we always realize that life works like this.

If you find yourself in a similar situation in which you feel that you are going through a big change, then on the next few lines we will show you a few texts you can share in order to announce that you are going through a new phase.

Download free happiness messages:

:: “Maybe the past still keeps the memories from my mistakes, but my present is willing to give me big surprises and satisfactions if I focus on being a better person, without fears and with ambitions”.
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:: “I want to forget the past already, I need time to think. I will make up for the lost time I have wasted and from now on I will be a person with goals and objectives”.
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:: “While I felt confined for a long time, now I can say that I am free at last. I will try to mend things and go far away in order to have a new beginning”.
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:: “It is amazing how time flies by, I remember as if it was yesterday that I was playing with dolls and now I have to buy one for someone else. I am pregnant and I am expecting a beautiful Princess that will change my life for sure and will make me the happiest woman on earth. I am so happy! ”
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:: “It is always better to be sorry than to regret never doing it and so, as of today, I have decided that I will change the course of my life with the help of God. From now on I entrust myself to the word of God and I offer myself as his server”.
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:: “Today is a new day full of new opportunities and challenges. I will stay positive and be alert to any opportunity that life gives me, as my goals are so great that the world appears small in comparison to them”.
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:: “Finally all the effort I made was acknowledged. But as of today I will be the owner of my own success and reach all my goals with great ambition. Times change and today I have to grow up”.
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:: “It was very hard for me to accept that life works this way and that the show must go on. I will forget the bad memories and be happy once again”.
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Share these phrases with your friends to announce that you are going through a major change in your life.

New Beautiful happiness texts

There are days in which you just want to shout out loud how happy you are being married to the man of your life. Twitter allows you to express all kind of ideas or emotions, so it is a good tool to achieve what you want.

On the next few lines we leave you a series of texts you can use to express your happiness for being married. Choose the one that best fits your situation and post is with some picture of your special moments together.

Send new happiness phrases:

:: “I could not be happier, I met the man I always wanted and now we are living together forever”.
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:: “I feel so lucky to be able to kiss and hug the man I love and that I always wanted. Now that we are married, I know a nice future awaits for us together”.
Category: Happiness messages
:: “To swear the great love we have for each other before the eyes of God is and will always be the most precious thing for me. I love my husband very much and it makes me happy to have him by my side”.
Category: Happiness messages
:: “I could not think of living a better life, than living it together with the man who conquered my heart and with whom I now share a life that would never leave”.
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:: “I still remember the day of our wedding, the two of us standing face to face accepting to live always together. Now I have it clear, you are the only one who could have made me as happy as I am right now”.
Category: Happiness messages
:: “I know I am not a perfect woman, but when I think on how happy I am because we are living together, I want to make my best effort so that we can be the same or even happier than we are today on the future”.
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:: “To think that just a few years ago I lived in the darkness of loneliness and that now I share a beautiful life with the man who changed my fate. I am happy and I want people to know”.
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:: “It makes me happy to think that I love the man who drives me crazy just as much as he loves me. I know that by his side I will never miss love and joy”.
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:: “Being able to see the face of my husband every single morning and enjoying his personality is the best gift life gave me, and I would not change it even for all the wealth in the world. This is what makes me happy and I will never leave him”.
Category: Happiness messages
:: “Our destinies joined so we could love each other and that is what we are enjoying together right now. My marriage is just what I expected because I married the man of my life”.
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The texts above will make your Twitter followers appreciate and celebrate your happiness about being a married women.

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