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It is common that many people have to be away from the people they love. Being away from family, friends and the person with whom we share our life with, is sad. Not being able to share with them, not being able to give them a hug or to physically have them when we need their support is hard to overcome. On the other hand, there is the concern that nothing bad happens to them and to see them just as well as when you left.

You also miss someone when the last conversation you had with them was a discussion or you just got distanced for any reason, even because you lost touch with many friends.

Nowadays we have technology to make our lives easier as it offers us ways to communicate more rapidly and easily than ever. This improves the chances of communication and reduces the chances that we are very far from the people who care about and appreciate.

The phrases that we offer you on the lines below are for you to dedicate to that person you miss so much. Whatever the reason, we are confident that the people who receive it will be very happy to know that you still remember them and that you still care to know how they are doing.

Free examples of I miss you texts:

:: “I miss the days in which we shared almost everything. I wish I could see you as often as I did before, I always remember you, but I cannot always write, I hope you understand and when I return home we get to enjoy life as we used to”.
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:: “You are away but that does not stop me from remembering your beautiful smile and your hugs that made me feel alive. I just hope we can share moments together again when I return home”.
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:: “I do not know what to do to make time go by faster, I just miss you so much and I just want the day in which I get to see you again to come quickly so that we can return to live moments of happiness”.
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:: “Our friendship is built on a solid foundation; you can always count on me, even if I am away. You will never be alone. I miss you”.
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:: “I hope that the misunderstandings can be fixed, talking to you is necessary to be at peace and so that we do not waste a beautiful friendship with words that are not worth remembering. I hope to see you again so that we can fix what happened”.
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:: “Since you left we have not talked as we used to. I hope you are doing as well as expected and you expected and that we can go back to sharing moments together. See you soon, do not forget our great friendship”.
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:: “When you think of me, remember that I always think of you and that I miss you like you have no idea. You may be far way in distance but you are still in my heart”.
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:: “While you are away, your love and the happiness that you always shared with me continue to feed my soul. I hope we can relive those wonderful moments together. Your hugs and your kisses are all I need to live, do not forget the person who loves you so much”.
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:: “The photos of the past remind us that our friendship is as strong as the promise we made when you left. We would remember the good times forever. I hope to hear from you and of the great things you are accomplishing. A big hug”.
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Use the texts that you liked the most and dedicate them to that person you miss so much.

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