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Usually, women are more expressive than men. In a relationship they always have special details with their partners, telling them all the time how much they love them and things like that; for that reason they also expect that their boyfriend to be just as loving with her as she is with him.

Girls consider the absence of special details as a gesture of coldness by their partner. They love to be told that they are loved very much and that they are very special. These small details make them fall in love even more.

Maybe due to a lack of enthusiasm, a lack of ideas or because you do not considerate it important, you have not sent your girl a very special message. Maybe you made the attempt, but you thought that you did not have the precise words to express your feelings or that it was not very clear what you wanted to say. It may be that you did not like the message very much or that it was not original. However you have to make a new attempt as for your girl romantic words are essential.

We recommend you start practicing. You can make a list of everything you like about her, her virtues, her attributes, etc. You can also express what she means to you or the influence she has on you to see life more optimistically. You can talk about a nice experience you have lived together and say that that moment it was unforgettable because she was by your side.

Once you have the contents of the message, you must add a nice welcome note which can be something like: My beloved, my sweetheart, my beautiful princess, queen of my heart or any loving way you have to call her.

After this you can say why you send that message. Maybe it is because she is celebrating her birthday, you are celebrating one more month of dating or just because you want to say to her that she is the love of your life.

Finally you can use the typical farewell phrases such as: “Lots of love”, “Yours for eternity”, “With all my heart,” among others.

Keep in mind that it is important that the words are expressed with sincerity so that the message is well received. Up ahead we present you two models of letters to make things easier at the time you want to dedicate a few lines to your girl.

Model love letter for my girlfriend:

My beloved bride,

Maybe I do not say it very often the great love that I feel for you, but through this post I want you to know that you are the most important person in my life.

It always comes to my mind the memory of the night in which we met. There were many people at that meeting, however my eyes only looked at you. When we were introduced I felt a bit nervous because I was in love with you at first sight.

When we put a date for our first date I felt so much emotion that I could not even fall asleep the night before. Now that we are boyfriend and girlfriend every day I discover many wonderful aspects of your personality and that makes me be more and more in love with you.

All this time we have been together I have come to feel a love as great as I had ever imagined. I thank God for meeting you and for being the owner of your heart. I want our beautiful love story to ever come to an end because you have become the reason of my life. Being around you is what motivates me to continue every day.

I hope you receive this message with excitement as I have written these lines from my heart. My existence makes sense because you are with me. Thanks for all the love you give me every day.

I will love you forever,


We hope that these recommendations will be useful for you to write a special message to your girlfriend. She will definitely love to be surprised with beautiful words of love.

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