New Birthday Messages For My 15 Years Old Daughter

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Most parents feel very happy and very excited when they realize that their little girl will turn fifteen years old, they are thrilled about the new phase on their daughter’s life as she is no longer a child and should become a little woman. For this reason many parents desire to throw a party for their daughter and all her friends and family members who wish to come.

In this article we give you a series of posts full of love, so that you can dedicate them to your daughter either on the party or meeting that you are planning for her or maybe write them down on the card that is going with your gift for her, she will be amazed and it will be a memory she will never forget.

Free list of birthday messages for my 15 years old daughter:

– “You do not know how happy it makes me to see you as a lady. Remember that I admire very much for who you are and I will be at your side to help you in whatever you need all your life. I hope you enjoy this very special day for you. Congratulations dear daughter. “
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– “You are not going to be fifteen years old again, so as this day you have waited for so longed has finally arrived, I wish you have a great time. Remember that I love you and I want to tell you that we have prepared this feast for you because you deserve it. Never forget that you have your father / mother to give you a hand when you need it. I adore my little daughter. Happy Birthday. “
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– “You stop being a child to become a young lady today, I am sure you will behave very well as you always have. I will be there for you, to support you and to guide you if you ever need it. For me you will always be that sweet little girl. Happy Birthday dear daughter. “
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– “Congratulations dear daughter on your fifteen years. We are all with you because we want you to be happy. You will see that you will never forget this important day, I hope so and you know that I love you very much. “
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– “I hope this day is as important as you dreamed it would be. Despite you are already fifteen years old, for me you are still the little girl of my eye, and you will still be forever. I am very happy to be your father / mother and I want to be with you to celebrate many more of your birthdays. Happy Birthday my sweetheart. “
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– “As you know, we love you and admire you too. Today, as it is your fifteenth birthday, we want you to have a spectacular day and for all your dreams to come true. Happy day dear daughter. “
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– “Today I realize how fast you have grown up, you left your dolls behind so fast I did not even notice. So now that you are a lady I feel so excited for you. You know you are the love of my life and that I will be there to support you in whatever you want. Happy birthday my daughter. “
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– “I hope your party is just as you dreamed of. You know all the love I feel for you at for this event we wanted to give you the best. For me you will always my beautiful little girl. Happy birthday daughter. “
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– “Many congratulations dear child, today is your big day and I am very happy since you are the best gift God gave me fifteen years ago. You do not know how much I love you, so I want you to fulfill all your dreams and goals. I adore my daughter. “
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Hopefully you can dedicate one of these messages full of love for your daughter on her fifteenth birthday, for sure it will make her very happy.

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