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Love is a magical feeling that, without a doubt, everybody should enjoy. However, when two people who love each other are far away, you can offer one of these beautiful love messages from a distance.

We understand how difficult this situation can be, but we also tell you to nurture your relationship with these wonderful love phrases, so they will help you to pass through this tough test in a better way.

We have designed these beautiful love texts, so that your partner would know that you always have him in mind, and how important he is to you, even though he is far away, you are always present. Enjoy it!

Share beautiful love quotes:

– “Let the clock stop, let the sun go out, let the world stop spinning, but something that should not happen is your forgetfulness. Please, that this inevitable distance does not break the magical bond that unites us. I love you infinitely, keep it in mind. “
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– “Parallel worlds come together, each time our voices come together in a call. The distance is a wall that, many times, don’t let me tell you everything I want to tell you. I speak to you in thoughts. Soon we’ll be together. I love you”.
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– “Let me see you, let me say goodbye, and stay in this hell of waiting for you. Cruel world that surrounds me in each goodbye, but I know we will survive the distance that today separates us. Our love will prevail on this occasion. I love you infinitely. “
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– “Although it’s my turn to lose this time, I want you to know, that I take you with me at every step, in every decision, in every detail and word. You are the most important person in my world, and being away from you is torture, but I know we will soon learn to live like that. “
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Cute new love texts:

– “Wherever you go, I know I will not chase you again. We have to take joint decisions; your memory is present at all times. I love you”.
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– “I ask the clock to stop, to save this bye by heart, to conceptualize that I will not have you near, and that we must fight doubly for our love. Let’s take this test as another step we will take in our relationship. I love you infinitely. “
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– “If I could relive every moment with you, to miss you less, I would. However, life is cruel, and it only allows me to remind you of this unfair way. I love you, you know, and I show that I will do everything possible to be by your side again. “
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We know that you are not having a good time, because you miss your loved one very much, but we are sure that, with these beautiful love words, you will surprise and feed the relationship that unites you. We sincerely hope that you will be together again soon, and that you can count on us to send these beautiful love thoughts as gifts. Until a next opportunity!

Send cute love phrases

It is nice to love, but this wonderful feeling is overshadowed, when the distance comes between two beings who love each other. For this occasion, we offer you these beautiful love messages to give as gifts.

We know how complicated it can be to love someone without being able to see him, but that is also where a true and beautiful love is tested. Feed this relationship with these cute love thoughts from a distance.

They are phrases created especially for this occasion, knowing your pain and how you feel on a daily basis for being far away from the person you love. Enjoy these great love phrases to share.

Very beautiful love messages:

– “Remember each word as a promise of our love. Our lives are fused, and it is important that you keep in mind, how much we can achieve if we are together, and if we plan our days together. I love you very much, we will be together soon. “
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– “I can finally understand what happens when two hearts love each other so much and have to be separated. I already know what it is to live, with a constant sigh in my life, to know that there are tickles inside. Soon we’ll be together. I love you so much”.
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– “You have made me a better person and I want to be by your side all the rest of my life. Today is a hard test, what we are going through, however, our love passes borders and stops the time each time we speak. I love you so much”.
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– “I have not stopped thinking how far I can go by listening to your voice live again; it’s my favorite melody, the sweetest way to start the day. I can feel, finally, that I met my soulmate, although now you are far away. I love you a lot”.
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Download free love phrases:

– “I feel ticklish inside, every time I’m at your side. I know now, why I’m like this. You are an angel in my life, you made me a better person, and I cannot be more grateful for life, for the wonderful person who sent me. Soon we’ll be together. I love you”.
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– “We can stop time in a hug. I would give my voice, in exchange for a dream with you. It is difficult to understand, how two people who love each other as we do, have to be separated, but I know that this is a matter of time. We must be very strong. “
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– “It is very difficult what is happening to us, but not impossible to pass, especially considering the magical love that unites us at this moment, and that no matter how much distance is what gets in the way, we will know how to get out of this situation, and many others that we live. I love you”.
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When you find a love like the one you have found, it is important to enliven the relationship with these cute love messages from a distance. We know that they will be of your liking, so do not forget to share them. As difficult as the situation is, you can count on us for a next occasion, and you can continue with these beautiful love thoughts to share. We hope you will be together again soon, until the next occasion!

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