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Love is a magical feeling that, without a doubt, everybody should enjoy. However, when two people who love each other are far away, you can offer one of these beautiful love messages from a distance.

We have designed these beautiful love texts, so that your partner would know that you always have him in mind, and how important he is to you, even though he is far away, you are always present. Enjoy it!Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

Best love text messages

:: “I promise to always do whatever it takes to protect your smile, for it makes me fall in love with you each and every day”.
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:: “Trust me when I tell you that I will make all your bad memories disappear to add new ones, where everything will be love and happiness. I will love you forever”.
Category: Best love text messages

:: “For you I would give up my whole life. You are the most special person in my heart, and I want you to know that I will always be with you. I love you”.
Category: Best love text messages

:: “I never imagined that I could fall in love with you as much as I did. I love you from here to heaven, and that will never change. Xoxo!”.
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Sweet love text messages

:: “You are the woman who is here to stay, the one who makes me happy day by day. I love you and always will”.
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:: “My number one goal for the day is to make you laugh, because your laughter is music to my ears and nothing is more important to me than your happiness. I adore you forever and ever”.
Category: Sweet love text messages

:: “I feel incredibly blessed to share my sorrows and my joys with you. You are one of a kind; please never change , I love you so much !”.
Category: Sweet love text messages

:: “Loving you is the easiest thing I have ever had to do, because with you it becomes natural and inevitable. I promise you that my love will grow every day a little bit more, because you make it possible”.
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Whatsapp eternal
love quotes

:: “The intensity of your gaze and the strength of your love are two great waves that wash over me and leave me breathless on the beach of your heart”.
Category: Eternal love quotes

:: “I have given you my life in an open book, you know me perfectly. Now my dreams, my goals, my destiny, and my heart are yours. I trust you with all of my being, love!”.
Category: Eternal love quotes

:: “Thanks to you I know this feeling called love; the one that goes beyond walls and prejudices, the one that slips between our sheets and wakes us up with warm sunlight”.
Category: Eternal love quotes

:: “I will follow you to the end of the world without looking back. Your love is the lighthouse that guides me and your caresses the food of which I will never tire. I love you!”.
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Messenger deep
love messages

:: “To wake up by your side is a dream, to die for you is to live for love. There are a thousand contradictions in this life, but nothing matters as long as it makes the heart happy. I love you!”.
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:: “I am afraid of losing you, I long to return to your arms, I long to get lost in your kisses and I love every part of your being with all of my heart”.
Category: Messenger love messages

:: “I ask the clock to stop, to save this bye by heart, to conceptualize that I will not have you near, and that we must fight doubly for our love. Let’s take this test as another step we will take in our relationship. I love you infinitely”.
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:: “If I could relive every moment with you, to miss you less, I would. However, life is cruel, and it only allows me to remind you of this unfair way. I love you, you know, and I show that I will do everything possible to be by your side again”.
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Long love text phrases
for Her

:: “I feel ticklish inside, every time I’m at your side. I know now, why I’m like this. You are an angel in my life, you made me a better person, and I cannot be more grateful for life, for the wonderful person who sent me. Soon we’ll be together. I love you”.
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:: “We can stop time in a hug. I would give my voice, in exchange for a dream with you. It is difficult to understand, how two people who love each other as we do, have to be separated, but I know that this is a matter of time. We must be very strong”.
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:: “It is very difficult what is happening to us, but not impossible to pass, especially considering the magical love that unites us at this moment, and that no matter how much distance is what gets in the way, we will know how to get out of this situation, and many others that we live. I love you”.
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When you find a love like the one you have found, it is important to enliven the relationship with these cute love messages from a distance. We know that they will be of your liking, so do not forget to share them.

As difficult as the situation is, you can count on us for a next occasion, and you can continue with these beautiful love thoughts to share. We hope you will be together again soon, until the next occasion!Best 'I love you' messages for Him & Her

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