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Christmas greetings
for partners

Christmas quotes for friends.#ChristmasQuotes
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It is natural to want to share the special dates with those people who are important to us, so when Christmas and New Year arrive we want to dedicate beautiful congratulation words to our partner.

Good feelings become more abundant during these holidays and are a source of inspiration to send the most romantic Christmas and New Year dedications.

Give your girlfriend a gift that is the faithful representation of your feelings, share with her original Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages full of love.Best Merry Christmas wishes and messages for Girlfriend.#ChristmasQuotes

Find Christmas greetings
for Princess

:: “We are going to live a Christmas Eve full of love, tenderness and small and beautiful details that will unite us more and prepare us for a spectacular New Year. I love you, my dear!”.

:: “There is nothing greater than having your love in my life and by your side celebrating Christmas and receiving the New Year. I wish you the best, my pretty Princess!”.

:: “My wish for this Christmas is that we are closer than ever and that our love becomes bigger so that the New Year is full of happiness. Thanks for being with me!”.

:: “Happy End of Year’s Holidays, my love! May both Christmas Eve and the New Year be wonderful and that together we enjoy everything that life has prepared for us”.Christmas greeting cards for Girlfriend.#ChristmasQuotes

Romantic Christmas quotes

:: “To have a Merry Christmas you need many ingredients, but the most important of all is your love. Congratulations, my heaven, and have a beautiful New Year!”.

:: “Although we are not together to celebrate these Holidays we really love each other and this love will always keep us together. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my life!”.

:: “Throughout this year we enjoy many moments full of love and I know that the next one will bring us many more. My cute girl, I wish you a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

:: “Let’s make our love become a bright star in the sky that will always guide us on the path of happiness. Happy Holidays, my beautiful queen!”.Best Whatsapp love Christmas quotes.#ChristmasQuotes

I love you, my dear!
Christmas phrases

:: “Christmas teaches us the importance of love and the arrival of the New Year gives us an opportunity to make our relationship stronger. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “Thank you for filling my Christmas with smiles, unforgettable moments and many beautiful dreams to reach in the New Year. Congratulations, my darling!”.

:: “What a great joy it is to have each other and with all our love to be able to celebrate the most beautiful Holidays of the year. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year, my great and only love!”.

:: “My heart is full of memories of the beautiful moments that we have experienced this year and it beats strongly with the arrival of Christmas and the New Year. Congratulations, my life!”.Best quotes about Christmas for Girlfriend.#ChristmasQuotes

Merry Christmas
love messages

:: “The greatest of the gifts that heaven has sent to my life is you, that is why this Christmas I want to thank you for so much love and on New Year I promise to make you happy every day”.

:: “I have no doubt that this year has been the happiest of my life because every day our love has been the protagonist. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my dear!”.

:: “There are no words that can represent my feelings and emotions at this time because living a Christmas and receiving the New Year by your side is a dream come true. Congratulations!”.

:: “Our love has been growing little by little and now that we celebrate Christmas is bigger than ever, imagine what it will be like in the New Year. Happy Holidays, my heaven!”.Christmas love wishes ready to copy & paste.#ChristmasQuotes

Romantic Christmas wishes

:: “The most beautiful thing that this year brought to my life was your love and it is also the best Christmas gift I have ever received. Happy Holidays, my darling!”.

:: “Let’s enjoy these Holidays with the magic of our love and prepare for the best year of our lives. Thousands of congratulations, my beautiful Princess!”.

:: “The most beautiful of all women will be with on this Christmas Eve and together we will welcome the New Year; I love you so much sweetheart. Congratulations!”.

:: “The beautiful memories are kept as a precious treasure in the heart and you have given me the most beautiful ones during this year. Let’s celebrate a Merry Christmas and the best New Year!”.What should I write to my Girlfriend on Christmas card?.#ChristmasQuotes

Inspirational Christmas text
ready to copy

:: “It was your love that made the difference, which made this year full of such happiness and for that I say thank you. Happy Holidays, my life!”.

:: “In this Christmas I wish that our love will last forever and that together we receive many New Years for the rest of our lives. Congratulations!”.

Do not let these Holidays end without having shared cute love phrases to congratulate your girlfriend on Christmas and New Year and keep in mind that you will have 365 days to send beautiful romantic dedications to the woman you love.Romantic Christmas sayings and quotes.#ChristmasQuotes

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