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Best Merry Christmas phrases

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Christmas has traditionally been a holiday celebrated in family, but despite that we must not forget our good friends and share them our best wishes to have a happy holiday.

As it is not possible that you can view all your friends to congratulate them personally, it would be a great idea to be able to share through social networks, some thoughtful words, and this is why we have prepared this section.

Right away you will find a list with many cute and emotive phrases that will help you to share your Christmas wishes, so choose the ones you like and share them with your friends.Find sweet christmas wishes for friend.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

Find Christmas messages
for friends

:: “It is impossible not to let out the child in us and enjoy Christmas with great joy. My friends, I wish you happy holidays beside their families”.
Category: Christmas messages for friends

:: “How much nostalgic Christmas brings us souvenirs when we were kids, but we still let our hearts be filled with hope and happiness. May you all have a nice Christmas, my friends!”.
Category: Christmas messages for friends

:: “My dear friends wish you a Merry Christmas and invite you to share your best feelings with your loved ones and have a wonderful time”.
Category: Christmas messages for friends

:: “We may not receive the most spectacular gifts we want, but if we can be next to our family sharing a moment of peace and harmony. There is no more special than the gift. Merry Christmas!”.
Category: Christmas messages for friendsFind best messages for friends at Christmas.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

What do you write in a Christmas card
to a special friend?

:: “With all my heart I want to wish you a very happy Christmas next to your family. Thank you for being a good friend and for joining me at all times. I love you so much!”.
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

:: “As you are one of my best friends could not miss this greeting to you to wish you a Christmas filled with much happiness, peace and love alongside those your sweethearts. Congratulations!”.
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

:: “God bless you this Christmas, and that blessings are around all your family, because you are good people and you deserve the very best. Happy Holidays!”.
Category: Merry Christmas greetings

:: “There is no reason for you to spend alone this Christmas, so you’re welcome to my home to share a nice celebration. I wish a lot of happiness!”.
Category: Merry Christmas greetingsFind original Merry Christmas messages for WhatsApp.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

Merry Christmas phrases
for cards

:: “Thank God for all the blessings bestowed alongside our lives and especially for sending your beloved Son. Enjoy a Merry Christmas, my dearest friends”.
Category: Merry Christmas phrases for cards

:: “Even if you find yourself on the other side of the world I send you my congratulations and best wishes to guarantee you an unforgettable Christmas. Enjoy a lot next to your loved ones!”.
Category: Merry Christmas phrases for cards

:: “My beautiful friend, our friendship comes from youth and we have shared so many Christmas together that even I already lost the count. I send you my sincere congratulations and best wishes”.
Category: Merry Christmas phrases for cardsFind best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

Heartfelt Christmas quotes
for friends

:: “I hope it’s to your liking this small gift I bought for you, but do not forget that I give all my love and best intentions. Merry Christmas, my friend!”.
Category: Christmas quotes for friends

:: “I could not go to celebrate Christmas without first to thank all of you, my friends of the soul. I wish you many happy returns next to your families!”.
Category: Christmas quotes for friends

:: “My biggest wish this Christmas is that God will bless you and your family enjoy a nice Christmas. Congratulations, my dear friend!”.
Category: Christmas quotes for friends

:: “when we were kids those were fun and happy Christmas and it was easy to dream, but we can still find great happiness to celebrate the holidays next to our loved ones. Congratulations!”.
Category: Christmas quotes for friendsWhat to write in a Christmas card.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

What to say to a dear friend
at Christmas?

:: “It would be impossible to forget about you, please get my congratulations on this Christmas because you’re a friend whom I care a lot about. I wish a lot of happiness!”.
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

:: “Dear friends, our top priority in this Christmas share happy moments with our family by giving them the most valuable thing we have, our love”.
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

:: “Fate has given us different paths, but it is amazing to see how our friendship continues to hold us together despite the distance. Merry Christmas to all!”.
Category: Merry Christmas wordings

:: “Some of my friends are already celebrating Christmas, others will do after me, but no matter where in the world we are, let’s enjoy this beautiful holiday”.
Category: Merry Christmas wordingsGet Merry Christmas quotes for Whatsapp & FB.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

Top Merry Christmas text messages

:: “Since very little is missing to start the countdown and welcome this Christmas, from now I send you a big hug and congratulations. May you have happy holidays!”.

Category: Merry Christmas text messages

:: “I know you very well my dear friend, and I know that you are spending a nice Christmas next to your family. I send my greetings, a big hug and best wishes for the holidays”.
Category: Merry Christmas text messages

:: “Christmas always brings me good memories next to you, one of my best friends. With love I want to wish you happy holidays”.
Category: Merry Christmas text messages

Have no doubt that your friends will love to receive your congratulations through these phrases, so do not forget to share and visit our page because we sentences for any time you can imagine.Short Merry Christmas wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp.#ChristmasWishesForFriends

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