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Best Christmas greetings

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful celebrations that bring us the year, is for that reason that we look forward to it with much enthusiasm. Also because it allows us to enjoy the company of the people we love the most throughout the world.

The phrases you will find below are completely free for you to use according to your wishes, so choose all the ones you like and share them with your loved ones.Get Merry Christmas quotes for Whatsapp & FB

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Christmas greetings

:: “Maybe we do not have the best voices or the best musicians, but when we sing Christmas carols we do it with our hearts and we have a lot of fun. I wish you a Merry Christmas!”.
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:: “Although we cannot see the star of Bethlehem at this time, it continues to illuminate our hearts and leads us to contemplate the manger and to receive our Savior. Merry Christmas!”.
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:: “Even if we do not have the most beautiful and big Christmas tree, a dinner full of delicacies or all the gifts of fashion, we just need the love of our loved ones to be happy. I wish you all the best! ”.
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:: “This Christmas we should demonstrate our generosity, not only with the people we know, but with so many who need help. Let’s enjoy a nice Christmas! ”.
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:: “Now, The most beautiful Christmas can be felt everywhere, so let us enter our hearts into the Christmas spirit and celebrate in the midst of much happiness with our loved ones”.

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:: “This Christmas is the best opportunity, to ask for forgiveness and to reconcile with those people who are annoying us. That simple fact is a nice gift that we can give”.
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:: “Contemplating the Christmas lights brings joy to that child that we all carry inside, let us fill ourselves with illusions and celebrate the most beautiful Christmas we have had in years”.
Category: Christmas wishes for friends

:: “Just go to the streets for a moment to realize that this is a very special day because it is Christmas and all people are more cheerful. Enjoy happy holidays! ”.
Category: Christmas wishes for friendsHeartfelt Christmas love text messages & cards

Christmas messages
for friends

:: “Forgive those people who have offended us and give them our friendship again, so we will enjoy a Christmas that gives us happiness. Enjoy happy holidays! ”.

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:: “My greatest wish on this Christmas is that throughout the next year we will keep the same beautiful feelings that this party awakens in us. Enjoy happy holidays!”.
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:: “Christmas traditions may be different in each country, but the goal is the same: to gather in your family, share happy moments and celebrate the birth of the baby Jesus. Merry Christmas!”.
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:: “I am very sorry that I will not be able to be with you this Christmas, but I will be with my heart, my dear friends. I wish you a Merry Christmas with all my love! ”.
Category: Christmas messages for friendsChristmas love messages and wishes

Christmas phrases
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:: “Do not resist and let yourself be invaded by the Christmas spirit because it brings you much joy, many beautiful feelings and many unforgettable moments. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! ”.

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:: “If you do not have enough money to give gifts to all your family and friends, then give them a big hug and your best wishes for a happy Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases for cards

:: “May happiness be present in your home so that next to your family you have an unforgettable Christmas full of peace and love, are my best wishes for you at these parties”.
Category: Christmas phrases for cards

:: “Even the most expensive gift that exists in the world would mean nothing if we do not give it from the heart, accompanied by our love. Let’s enjoy a nice and Merry Christmas! ”.
Category: Christmas phrases for cardsFind Christmas messages wishing you happiness and joy

Whatsapp Christmas messages
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:: “Let us remember in this Christmas the baby Jesus and the humility, simplicity and love with which he came to this world. Let’s celebrate a Merry Christmas with our family! ”.

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:: “It is beautiful to see how Christmas makes us better people, hopefully those beautiful feelings we could keep them throughout the year that begins. Happy Holidays!”.
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:: “I wish you a Merry Christmas with your family and while we are all gathered, celebrating the birth of the Baby Jesus, the most beautiful feelings will flourish in your hearts”.
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:: “I know that we have a little fun and that it is difficult for us to keep the rhythm with our instruments, but we have a lot of fun every time we sing the Christmas carols. This will be a nice Christmas! ”.
Category: Whatsapp Christmas messages Christmas short status for Facebook and Whatsapp stories

Messenger Christmas texts
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:: “Even with little or much that we have, we can deliver the best we have in our hearts to our loved ones, so let’s make this an unforgettable and beautiful Christmas”.

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:: “Enjoy a Merry Christmas and remember that more important than the gifts, you can give your family your love and provide your company”.
Category: Messenger Christmas texts

:: “If we were able to keep the feelings that Christmas gives us, we would make this world a better place to live. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! ”.
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Clever Christmas phrases

:: “May the star of Bethlehem illuminate your path and guide you to new achievements and experiences in the coming year. Merry Christmas, friend of my heart!”.
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:: “In each gift exchanged, an indestructible bond of affection and gratitude is forged. I have no doubt about that and that is why I wish you the most beautiful Christmas”.
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:: “May every corner of your home be impregnated with love, peace and the magical essence of Christmas. These are my most sincere wishes for you. I love you!”.
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:: “In each card sent, a message of affection and best wishes are wrapped for you and your loved ones. Congratulations this Christmas”.
Category: Clever Christmas phrases

:: “Merry Christmas! May Christmas be a symphony of joy that fills your life with unforgettable melodies”.
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We hope you have enjoyed these phrases and that you are preparing to enjoy the most beautiful Christmas you have ever had in your life. We wait for you with many more phrases for every occasion. Until next time!Cute Merry Christmas Whatsapp status images

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