Nice Birthday Letters For Your Sister

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If today is your sister’s birthday and you want to give her a very creative gift, then send her a letter with all the inspiring ideas you have for her in addition of your best wisher for her life. DO you want to write a letter to your sister for her birthday but have no idea how to do so?

Then we will give you two examples of birthday greeting messages for your sister. Choose the example that you like the most and suits your relationship with your sister and send it to her through Facebook or Twitter or, if you can give it to her in his own hands, she will really appreciate it.

Example 1 of a birthday letter for your sister:

From: Fabiana
To: Solange

Dear sister, I dedicate this letter to you today because it is your birthday and you are a special person in my life and I appreciate you a lot.

Since you are my little sister I have always been able to take care of you and give you my company. Thanks to you I was never alone, you are my best friend with whom I played and trusted at all times, you the person who always knew everything that was going on with me.

When our parents took us for a walk, we always had a great time together. As time passed, we only loved each other more and more. I have learned to fully trust you at any time of need and I am glad that you are such a wonderful woman. Our parents and I are proud to have you in the family.

I hope that you continue to grow in life, that you and your boyfriend are very happy and that you meet all the goals you have set for yourself, may you travel all around the world and get to know many places and everything you wish for can come true. You will always be my little sister and wherever I go I will take you in my heart.

Have a happy birthday Solange and may God always protect you.

Example 2 of a birthday letter for your sister:

From: Joachim
To: Miriam

Dear Miriam today is the day of his birthday and so I decided to write to you a few lines since you are a very special person in my life and I feel a great affection for you.

You are my sister and despite we always used to fight when we were little, there is a great love between us, you are my only sister and that makes you even more special in my life, you have always fought for your ideas and problems have never overcome you.

You are a wonderful sister from who I learned that we have to love ourselves first and then to love our neighbor. At times you have behaved like a mother in my life and I will remember that and I will be forever grateful to you.

I adore you dear sister because without you everything will be different. You have always given me your support. I hope you are like this forever, beautiful and noble, our family and I love you very much, happy birthday adored sister, and may God care for you and protect you, and give you many blessings over your life.

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