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Christmas is celebrated on December 25 but the holiday spirit is felt from the beginning of that month. Christmas is a special time for all believers of Jesus, The son of God, which birth is celebrated this day. It’s a date when we forgive all the fights with people like our neighbors and we just want to be in a time of absolute peace.

It is also the date on which we sat with our entire family to share food and enjoy a good night. Do you want to send to your friends or family your best wishes for Christmas and do not have time to write all them Christmas cards? We suggest a practical solution you could use to wish Merry Christmas to all your relatives. Write in your Messenger nick or post it on your facebook wall one of these phrases presented below.

Free list of Christmas phrases for MSN or Facebook:

– “The nights are clear, people do not fight, and the world is full of love. It’s Christmas, peace and love for all people. “
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– “Have a very happy Christmas with your family and with all those people who are with you. We are all gathered for the arrival of the baby Jesus. “
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– “No matter where you are, whether you’re alone or with your family, the child God will born today and it will happen everywhere. Merry Christmas to all of you. “
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– “Today is a day to be happy, today is Christmas, give a big hug to whoever is in your side because today we are all brothers.”
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– “Christmas is the right time to be together as a family and enjoy the love that is present among us. Happy Christmas. “
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– “This Christmas I will put all your photos under my tree, because God has given me a gift as wonderful as you. Merry Christmas for everybody. “
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– “At Christmas there is nothing more important than being with your family and enjoy being together, I hope it is the case in all families. Happy Christmas. “
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– “Today is Christmas Eve and you will feel at twelve o’clock how your mind will be filled with tranquility and all your problems will disappear. Merry Christmas for you. “
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– “My wish is that all my friends are accompanied tonight so they would feel how beautiful is to share Christmas Eve. But if you are alone, don’t worry; I’m sure the child god is with you at all times. Happy Christmas. “
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– “Today is Christmas Eve and my only wish is that Jesus bless all those who share their lives with me. Merry Christmas to all. “
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– “No matter if your family is small or too large, the important thing is that you enjoy being with them and wholeheartedly receive Christ. Happy Christmas. “
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We hope these quotes may help you to wish a Merry Christmas for all those people who you love.

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