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Cute Happy New Year wishes
for friends

Happy happy New Year Whatsapp Greetings for friend.#HappyNewYearWishesForFriends
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When a year ends, the best is to leave everything in order, the bills paid, the house clean, the resentments forgiven because it is better to start a New Year without remains so that everything goes better. In this opportunity we are going to share nice New Year phrases to dedicate to who you most value.

We hope that the best New Year dedications to share with your loved friends are the ones you find in this article. We also wish you always visit our website.

Next, you will find the most fun and short New Year text to send your contacts on social networks. Share them freely, we made them specially for you.

What should I write in
a Happy New Year wishes card?

:: “What a happiness I feel to know that we are about to start a New Year, I will be able to make new plans and propose short goals for my life. Happy New Year”.
Category: New Year messages for best friends

:: “Congratulations to all of you in this New Year that is about to begin. May everything be happiness and harmony in your homes”.
Category: New Year messages for best friends

:: “I hope happiness and joy come to share great moments with the people you most appreciate. Congratulations”.
Category: New Year messages for best friends

:: “Receive a hug and many kisses for this New Year, may prosperity chase you wherever you go, and may the health and well-being of your family be what God always offers you. Happy New Year”.
Category: New Year messages for best friends

:: “Take as an example the benefits of the year gone, so you can apply them to this coming soon New Year. May everything be harmonious for you. Happy New Year”.
Category: New Year messages for best friendsNew Year messages and wishes for best friend.#HappyNewYearWishesForFriends

Best Happy New Year
wishes and messages

:: “Many blessings for your life on the beginning of the year. May your proposed plans and your future projects would be fully achieved . Happy and Prosperous New Year”.
Category: New Year wishes & messages

:: “I send you a deep embrace of love for this New Year. May we get married soon as I feel eternally in love with you. Happy New Year sweetheart”.
Category: New Year wishes & messages

:: “We pray to God for this New Year will be a success for all families, especially for those who do not have the ability to get a stable job. Happy New Year”.
Category: New Year wishes & messages

Cute Happy New Year greetings

:: “I hope you receive the New Year dancing, enjoying, next to your partner, promising good wishes and making commitments for your relationship. Congratulations on New Year”.
Category: Happy New Year greetings

:: “With all my heart I wish we all would have the power to help children who do not have a home. I wish you all a Great New Year”.
Category: Happy New Year greetings

:: “I wish you the best New Year of all. You will see that your goals will be achieved and prosperity and unity will reign your life”.
Category: Happy New Year greetings

We end this article, hoping these beautiful New Year phrases to send would be what you were looking for. Also, you will find in this article nice New Year poems to declaim to those who you appreciate, family or friends.Find New Year messages wishing you happiness and joy.#HappyNewYearWishesForFriends

Writing a letter for
my best friend in New Year

This end of year and the New Year is around the corner. Is common that during these days, all people makes a small inventory of all the things that they have lived along the year, get happy for all the success that they obtained and feel regretful and some rage for those things that went wrong.

In terms of the negative, we must to seize the teachings that it gives to us, but leaving behind the problems and the negative thoughts. Is time to look forward and see the New Year as a great opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

And it will be easier if we count with good friend who gives us help; motivation and his encouragement to continue forward in each step.

For this reason is important that you keep in touch with your friends, expressing them how much you appreciate them.

If you have a friend who you considerate the best above all because she is always by your side and she provides you the best of her friendship expecting nothing, the best that you can do in this New Year is give a letter which you say thanks and wish much success in the year which is about to begin.

To help you, we brought all the letter examples which will be useful to send to your friend.New Year short phrases for Facebook and Whatsapp stories.#HappyNewYearWishesForFriends

Example 1 of a New Year letter
for a friend

Dear friend:

The New Year is coming and I know that you have a lot of expectative and dreams to fulfill, I know that with your effort and dedication you will accomplish all.

The reason of this letter is say thanks to you because you always been by my side providing me your support, your compression and your help even in the hardest moments that I been through. Because of you, I have been able to get over all the problems, following your advices and accepting your help.

I consider myself very lucky for having such a special friend as you are. In this world is very hard to find someone as honest, loyal, dependable and disinterested as you are. I want you to know that you also can count with me for all that you need.

This year will be very special and you and I will live very happy moments because all is easier when we count with the true friendship of our friends. We both will fight for make our dreams true.

I wish that the life lets us even get olds for keep being the best friends and confidants.

I wish that you have a happy year full of much success and happiness. Receive my greetings and hugs in this New Year.Top happy New Year text messages for Whatsapp.#HappyNewYearWishesForFriends

Example 2 of a New Year letter
for a friend

Happy New Year dear friend,

How was the New Year night? Surely you were by the side of your family.

I want to write you this letter for remind along this New Year. To begin, I want to say you that you are one of my best friends and you can count with my friendship for all that you need.

You told me that you will have many challenges to face along the year and for that I want to say you that when you want, you can come to me to receive my advice, support and of course, to have a very nice and fun time which that will make you feel better. Remember that I’m here to laugh or cry with you.

But let’s think positively and make that this year be the best of our lives. We will still being good friends no matter what happens and I want it until we leave this world and even when we are in afterlife.

Send all my greetings to your family.

Hugs and kisses.

Your dear friend.

Share some of these letters with your best friends and improve these with phrases that come from the bottom of your soul. You will see that they will feel very happy for count with your friendship.Download cute New Year wishes for best friend.#HappyNewYearWishesForFriends

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