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How do you wish someone a Happy New Year ?.Thinking about New Year’s Eve is something that makes us feel a great joy and an incomparable enthusiasm, which is why when we welcome a New Year, we do it by the side of the people we love most and we share with them our best wishes.

On this occasion we offer you a few sample letters you can use to send to your girlfriend for this New Year’s Eve in order to express your best wishes and your greatest love to her.

Sample No. 1 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

Happy New Year’s Eve, baby!

I am very excited because another year is about to start and I have the joy of being with you, enjoying your love and your company.

We have enjoyed wonderful experiences together throughout the last 12 months and those moments have been so special that they will remain engraved in the depths of my heart forever.

The joy I felt was because you were by my side me at all times and together we managed to overcome all the challenges that arose, besides, I am confident that we will continue to be as united as ever on the next 365 days.

We have many dreams that we will gradually accomplish because nothing is impossible when there is love and I have to confess that you are my greatest motivation to give my best every single day.

With you I am able to accomplish everything I have in mind, I fear nothing because when I am with you I feel like as if I was invincible.

I never want you to have doubts about the love I feel for you, I promise that I will try my best to prove to you at all times, so we can be happier than ever. I wish you all the best for the coming year.


Sample No. 2 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

My little piece of heaven, how are you?

I send you this greeting because I want to wish you all the happiness in the world for this New Year’s Eve and also take this opportunity to talk to you about my feelings.

I think that words will never be enough because my love for you is more intense than anything I have ever felt in my life and what I had imagined it would be like.

I hope that in the coming year everything is happiness in your life, that you always have a reason to smile and that you accomplish all that you want.

You are a very good person and I am sure God will bless you, so never doubt all the positive things that will come your way.

You are the cutest girl of all and I am happy to have your love and to be able to enjoy every day by your side. It is really a privilege to be the owner of your heart and that is why I want to promise you that this year my feelings for you will not change.

I wish you all the happiness in world for this New Year, and I want you to always look forward with a positive mind and not let your fears be greater than your desire to succeed. I love you and I want to be with you forever.


Sample No. 3 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

My life,

Although I will not be by your side to welcome this New Year’s Eve, I want to tell you that my thoughts will be with you and when midnight comes, I will imagine that we are together, side by side.

You are an independent, brave and determined woman, that is why I know that you will achieve all the goals you have for this year and that nothing and no one will be able to stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success.

I will always be with you to help you out in everything I can and motivate you, in case you need it, for you are the love of my life and your happiness is also mine, so do not be afraid and remember that unity makes us stronger.

I love you and I never want you to forget that; many times I have done the impossible for you to realize that the love I feel for you is true and sincere. You know? One of my goals for this New Year is to continue giving you all my love and attention because I want to be the person who will always be there for you.

I wish you all the best for this year, my lovely bride, I hope you are blessed and that you accomplish many things in life.


Sample No. 4 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

Happy New Year, sweetie.

I have the opportunity to welcome another year by your side and I am very fortunate because I am able to enjoy your company.

I feel an enormous gratitude to the Lord for allowing me to have your love and for being able to share special moments with you that strengthen our relationship.

Throughout this year we have lived wonderful experiences, on some locations we shed tears, but on others we were incredibly happy. Nonetheless, the important thing is that we stay together and that we were able to demonstrate that our love is true.

I am very excited at the thought of all the things that await for us on the next 12 months, I do not know whether they will be good or bad things, all I know is that if I have your love I will be able to overcome any challenge, as what I want most is for us to continue writing more chapters of our wonderful love story.

My darling, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I hope this is one of the best years of your life and that you get to overcome all the difficulties you have and accomplish all of your dreams.

Never forget that I will always be by your side giving you all my love and support, as I want us to achieve our goals and that success is with us in every aspect of our lives.

Lots of love,


Sample No. 5 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

To my greatest love,

Life has given me many great blessings, but none of them compares to the fact of having met you and being able to enjoy your love, which is why I send you this letter to express all my love and my best wishes for New Year’s Eve.

My dear princess, this year has been very good for both of us, as we have achieved many of our goals and we have shared our great love and been very happy. For all of this and much more, I want to thank you with all my heart.

I am sure that the year that is about to begin will be the best of our lives, so I want to promise you that I will give my best to win over your heart even more, to make you happy at all times and to accomplish our greatest desires.

I love you like I have never loved anybody before because with you I have discovered what love really means, and, as if that were not enough, I have found greatest happiness of my life by your side.

My darling, my heart is yours to keep and with all my love and I wish you much happiness in the coming year.


Sample No. 6 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

Many blessings for the New Year, my love.

I feel so happy, so joyful and so pleased with life because I have the love of a unique woman, a girl that dazzles with her beauty, but who has a heart that shines like gold because it has the most beautiful feelings.

You have no idea how much I love you and so I want to thank you for each and every one of the incredible moments we live have together throughout the last year.

I want you to know that those moments are engraved in my heart and that remembering them makes me live them all over again and experience a happiness that knows no limits.

At the very beginning of this year I want to renew all the promises that I have with you because all I want is to see you happy and give you everything you need in order to accomplish all the beautiful dreams you have. You are my one and only love and together we will enjoy the best year of our lives.


Sample No. 7 of a New Year letter for my girlfriend

My angel of love.

When I am by your side I feel as if I were in the middle of a beautiful dream in which God sent one of his most beautiful angels into this world to teach me what it means to love and that is because loving you has been the best thing that has happened to me in my life.

This has been the best year of my life because first we became friends and with time we fell in love, which changed my life forever.

I thank you for filling my life with joy, for pulling me out of a world of darkness and sadness and taking me into a world in which light shines and happiness is everywhere.

I want this New Year to be wonderful for both of us, that we stay together discovering all the wonderful things this world offers us and that we show each other how great our love is, strengthening our relationship and our love for the rest of our lives.

I love you and I will keep loving you even more through eternity. I wish you a Happy New Year.


With any of these texts you will not only be able to express your girlfriend the great love you feel for her, but you can also share with her your best wishes to welcome this new year amid great happiness.

Do not forget to use make any of the texts your own and use your creativity when you give it to your girlfriend, as it will for sure reach her heart.

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