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It is known to pop music as a mixture of different types or genres of music such as jazz, rock and folk, among many others. Pop music was born in the mid-50s in various countries such as England and the United States.

It’s called pop music because it’s basically a type of popular music that was created with commercial purposes among youth. Also, this type of genre uses many musical instruments like the bass, drums and acoustic guitar, among others.

The most recognized character in the world of Pop is Michael Jackson who is already dead and was an excellent singer. Thus, in his best moments Michael Jackson was recognized as a king in the world of Pop, due to high sales of his albums since he was very small.

Another star highly regarded and respected in the world of Pop is the beautiful Madonna who is recognized as the Queen of Pop for her great successes in this genre, as the female singer with the highest sales of singles, so that makes Madonna the Pop Queen because there is no other female singer better than her.

Today, pop music also has two important representatives: Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, who, despite of not being considered even as mega stars, they have reached impressive sales records regarding concerns and they have also been very successful in their concerts which have been attended by millions of persons.

Also, these two singers have achieved great social media presence as to the display, audience and dissemination of their videos, like the increase of followers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.
Thus, Justin Bieber is a young Canadian singer who was born in Ontario in 1994 ¸ having as real name Justin Drew Bieber.

So, the talent of this modern singer was discovered in 2008 when he was 14 years old. His discoverers were employees of the popular record music company of rapper Usher, through a video channel within YouTube, where Justin at the time, sang covers of other famous artists, achieving then, great world success with his songs.

Justin Bieber is considered among the most promising young singers at the international level; he has increased significantly the number of his fans, and has received awards as revelation artist of the pop music genre.

Among his most successful songs we can find One Less Lonely Girl, One Time, Love Me, Favorite Girl, Never Let You Go, Never Say Never and Baby. Thus, the video for the latter song reached a reproduction of 300 million times within YouTube, becoming the most watched video in the history of pop and his most successful video until today.

Also, in 2011, specifically in the month of November, he released his second album “Under The Mistletoe”, which stands today in the best retail locations in the United States.

On the other hand, from the female perspective in this genre of music has emerged the pop singer Lady Gaga, which has outperformed other singers such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Rihanna, because her talent is so versatile, as she does not only sings, but composes, dances, produces and plays the piano, besides having a super outgoing personality that always stands out in popular newspapers, where the singer is super known, thus appearing in covers of these medias. The Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefany Germanotta and was born in New York on March 28, 1986.

Lady Gaga became famous when she launched in 2008, her first album called The Fame, which highlights the singles Just Dance and Poker Face, which were bestsellers in 2009. Also in 2010, stood other highly successful singles like Bad Romance, Telephone and Alejandro, successes that were repeated again in 2011 with three new songs: Born This Way, Judas and The Edge of Glory, which were also a success.

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