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Searching for cute & romantic good night messages to send by Whatsapp ? Watching the starry night is a hobby for many and for partners it is a source of inspiration for the most beautiful verses to wish good night.

Think about how beautiful a gift it would be to surprise your boyfriend with romantic good night thoughts, you would certainly speed up his heart and conquer him even more.

Do not think twice, your partner looks forward to that beautiful detail on your part, get ready to share original good night phrases with your partner and strengthen your relationship.

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:: “Every time we are together I feel that I can touch the clouds with my fingers and fly in the middle of a fantasy world. Dream of our love, just as I will do. ”

:: “Although on this day we have not been together, I have not stopped thinking about you for a single minute. My love, I wish you good night. ”

:: “The sun has hidden and the moon has risen, but our love shines high in our sky both day and night.”

:: “Sleeping with you and dawn by your side would be the best way to start every day of my life. Sweet dreams honey.”

:: “I send you the sweetest of my kisses, so you can rest and dream about the world I want for us. Until tomorrow my love!”Romantic good night love messages for girlfriend

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:: “Your smile illuminates even the darkest night, dulls the stars and leaves the full moon in the background. Sweet Dreams Baby!”

:: “I want to take advantage of this beautiful night to thank you for making this day full of special moments. I send you a huge kiss with all my love. ”

:: “Walking with you under the moonlight makes my heart full of romanticism and that the sweetest love words come out of my mouth. See you tomorrow, my prince. ”

:: “I feel jealous of your guardian angel because he can stay by your side all night; If only I could accompany you in your dreams I would be very happy. See you tomorrow darling.

:: “What about if the moon is filled with light just to illuminate us and celebrate our love? I wish you good night, my king. ”

:: “My world is only complete with you by my side, so in my heart there is a great emptiness that you can only fill with your presence. See you tomorrow, my dear.”Romantic good night love messages for him

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:: “There is nothing that I am not willing to sacrifice for your love, because it is you who gives meaning to my existence. Sweet Dreams, darling.”

:: “You finished with all the darkness that was inside my heart and filled it with the light of your love, May you rest very well, honey. I send you a big kiss.”

:: “I’ve been looking for a star in the sky for hours that even shines half of what your love does and I think I’ll never find it. See you tomorrow, my heart. ”

:: “The night is that moment in which you pass from my thoughts directly to my dreams, that is why when I sleep I am also happy. I love you, my life, have a nice night. ”

:: “Sometimes I feel afraid of falling asleep and that upon waking I see that ours has been a dream, but I know that this will never happen because we really love each other. See you tomorrow princess. ”I miss you and missing someone good night quotes

Cutest good night love text messages
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:: “With each passing day my heart is filled with beautiful feelings and my mind with cute memories by your side, all thanks to your love. Sweet dreams my life.”

:: “Your name is engraved in my heart because it only belongs to you, so rest and sleep peacefully. Good night, my Love.”

:: “I wish you have the most beautiful dreams tonight so that tomorrow you can tell them to me and I can make them come true. Goodnight. “

:: “My life, I am ready to sleep, but I did not want to do it without first reminding you that you will always be my princess and that I will make you very happy until eternity. Sweet Dreams Love.”

No one resists receiving wonderful good night texts, in fact the tender romantic words to share are the weakness of all lovers. Continue sending all the romantic messages you want, we are here to help you.Quotes about missing someone you love with beautiful images

Find best romantic good night
poems & pictures

Night is the sweetest and most romantic time for couples. Lovers generally prefer have their outings and walks by night.

If your day has ended and you do not know how to express what you are feeling to your couple, maybe one of these short good night poems will help you.

We are sure that these poems will convince your mate about your love.

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– “On such a splendorous and beautiful night as this one
May you rest and have beautiful dreams about our love.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “Nights would not be beautiful without the moon, the stars and your nice face
Good night and rest thinking of how nice our love is.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “During my night walk I heard someone talking to me
The moon told me to look for the owner of my heart
I arrive to your house now
And I feel like wishing a good night to you, my love.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “For a day to be perfect
It must end with me looking at you and declaring my love for you
Good night my love and rest peacefully
With the stars shining on you.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “If I had to choose an ideal minute in the day
I would choose the minute at night I spend with you
Taking you home and kissing you tenderly
And saying again how much I love you.”
Category :The best good night love poemsRomantic good night love messages for her

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– “Although we are now distant
I miss you since the day starts
And when the day ends
And the night sets in smoothly
I end my day thinking of you.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “The only way I can sleep peacefully
Is saying good night to you
When I say it directly to you
At the end of the day
You will surely notice
You are the most precious thing in my life.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “When it is time to sleep I say a prayer
Thanking God for taking care of my family and me
Asking him to give you a peaceful sleep
I love you, good night.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “Your splendor lights this dark night
Good night, my love, have a peaceful rest.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “I am infinitely thankful you share your life with me
The cold night, but I feel your warmth when I am with you
I thank you for giving a meaning to my life. Good night my love.”
Category :The best good night love poemsRomantic good nightlove messages with pictures

Sweet good night love messages
and romantic cards

– “The most beautiful night of all
Was when you showed up
And this night with you
I remember how happy I was that night
My love, good night
Thank you for always being there.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “Under tonight’s moon
I want to declare my great love
And say good night to you
I promise you it will always be better.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “You do not know how happy I am with you by my side
My life would be useless without you in it
We must leave our mistakes behind
So we can be together forever. Good night.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “I feel so fortunate
For spending a night with you
Just saying good night to you
Is a priceless feeling for me.”
Category :The best good night love poems

– “Good night, my love
May our spirits
Be always guided by our hearts.”
Category :The best good night love poems

We hope you like these short good night poems. Remember every moment of the day is propitious to express your love.Send best good night love messages by mobile


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