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Love can last as long as we want, even forever, if we are willing to take care of it and feed it every day. There is no better way to strengthen the love you have with your boyfriend than to share sweet love phrases with him.

If you have come this far it is because you have been looking for the most original text messages to share with your boyfriend and you are in a good place, we bring you many new messages, fresh and full of love.

We do not want to wait any longer; you have at your disposal the most beautiful love phrases that you will find below. You can use social networks or text messages to dedicate them to your boyfriend.

Send cute love messages:

– “I learned to love you and with you I am more than happy because you support me and do not let me fall. I love you!”
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– “The normal days are now extraordinary because I have the privilege of having you by my side. You are the best boyfriend in the world!”
Category: Love messages

– “My prince, you have everything I always looked for in a boy and that’s why I gave you my heart without hesitation.”
Category: Love messages

– “I love you very much and I feel together we will go very far because the love we have is the impulse that will allow us to move forward.”
Category: Love messages

– “It would be impossible to stop loving you because you are the perfect man for me, the one who with his kisses transports me to heaven.”
Category: Love messages

– “The spark of our love stays on because you are a very thoughtful man and I love it!”
Category: Love messages

– “I pray to heaven that allows us to be together all our lives because there is too much love between us.”
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Very beautiful love phrases:

– “In your eyes I have found that magic that was missing in my life, that light that lights my soul.”
Category: Love words

– “I thought I was never going to have luck in love, but I knew you and I’m sorry I thought that way.”
Category: Love words

– “We met in the perfect place and time; this beautiful love story is unbeatable.”
Category: Love words

– “The tears that I shed with you are of joy because you make me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.”
Category: Love words

– “Neither you nor I are perfect, but our love is perfect and it is worth what we do to be together.”
Category: Love words

– “I feel that for you I have lost my mind, but it does not matter because I am immensely happy.”
Category: Love words

– “This love is not fleeting, it is a true and deep feeling that grows every day, and it will always be like that.”
Category: Love words

– “I had love in the past, but that is already forgotten because now I only love you.”
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Make your boyfriend’s heart beat with more strength every time he thinks of you. Continue to send him cute and original love dedications. We hope you visit us again to download the best love messages for your boyfriend.

The best free love quotes

It does not matter if the day is rainy or sunny, if it’s cold or hot, some original love text messages will always be well received by your boyfriend and will show him the feelings he awakens in your heart.

Prepare to send cute love messages to your boyfriend; you can make use of the phrases that you will find right away, in them you will find your feelings reflected and ready to go directly to your heart.

Writing very romantic love phrases has never been so simple. Here you can find many original examples that will inspire you, if you prefer you can send them directly as you find them.

Download free love phrases:

– “You love me as much as I love you that sometimes it seems that ours exceeds in love to any story that has ever existed.”
Category: Love phrases

– “I am happy because I have your love and you are a good man, kind and sincere, tender and special.”
Category: Love phrases

– “My goal was to reach your heart and now that I have achieved it, I will show you, every day, that there is not and there will not be a woman who loves you as much as I do.”
Category: Love phrases

– “Here I am totally in love with you and I show you what I am without reservations because I feel comfortable in your arms.”
Category: Love phrases

– “Sometimes I disconnect from the world because my thoughts only revolve around you, me and what we are.”
Category: Love phrases

– “Thank you for your kisses with a sweet taste, for your hugs with a soft aroma and for your so delicate caresses.”
Category: Love phrases

New cute love messages:

– “I’m going to write you a song and in the chorus I’ll tell how happy I am because I have the best boyfriend of all.”
Category: Love quotes

– “I have chosen you because I feel that you are the ideal man for me, do not ask me how I know; you cannot always describe what goes through the heart. “
Category: Love quotes

– “You and I have different tastes; but that’s better because every day you discover my world and I show you mine. “
Category: Love quotes

– “My heart suffered years ago, but you healed it until it beat again. Now only beats of love for you darling! “
Category: Love quotes

– “Loving each other is a game, other times it is a challenge, but regardless of the circumstances we are sure of what we feel and what we want.
Category: Love quotes

– “You were my friend and I just wanted to meet you a little more, but I ended up falling in love with you.”
Category: Love quotes

– “You write me love letters and I answer you with verses of the heart, you answer me with sound rhymes and thus more and more we fall in love.”
Category: Love quotes

– “I took out the lottery to discover in you the magic of love. Stay with me forever and make me feel the happiest woman in the world. “
Category: Love quotes

Imagine your boyfriend sighing of love for you in that moment in which you surprise him with beautiful love messages, share all you want and remember to visit our most recent sections for more sweet love phrases.

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