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A few days before February 14th, a very nice date, where love, happiness, and where we all prepare to give and receive gifts or a detail of the person we love.

These phrases with a lot of love that we will leave, will surprise and will be loved by the love of your life. And she will be very happy that you tell her in writing, how much you appreciate her or love her.

Write a beautiful phrase full of love to your partner, remember that Valentine’s Day is close and you must express all the good feelings for your partner.

The best free Valentine’s Day texts:

– “We were friends for so long that I was already losing the hope of being something else, I thank you for taking the first step and declaring your love, you made me the happiest woman in the world, I love you”.
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– “You are the man I always dreamed, responsible, gentleman, sincere and most importantly humble, if you knew how my heart beats for you, you would not believe it, you will always be my admiration, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
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– “Today for Valentine’s Day I want you to know how much I miss you, and at this moment my heart is sad for not being by your side, wherever you are, I wish you the best of the world, I love you”.
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– “My soul was paralyzed when I looked at your eyes for the first time, when looking at me you make me feel a thousand things at once, that I could never explain to you, I can only say that I love you and I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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– “I cannot stand the desire to tell you that my days without you are a martyrdom, I hope you can forgive me soon and spend a February 14th, loving us as always, I adore you”.
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– “I will not promise eternal love but what I promise you is that you can trust me whenever you want, even if we are separated, I will always love my beautiful princess. Happy Valentine’s Day!”
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– “Our love went ahead despite the problems we had, today on Valentine’s Day I want to tell you that with our union everything can be done, I hope that with the passing of days we will be closer and closer”.
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– “Your caresses and your kisses make me feel in another world, with your love I feel complete and you make me the happiest man on earth, you are the love of my life, I adore you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
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– “You were my way to happiness, you make me feel the most proud woman of all, I hope that my love transmits to you all the good things that I feel for you, I love you, my darling, Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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– “Your arrival and your love took me out of this world, with those kisses and those caresses you take me to the moon, I hope this love that is being born would grow every day more, Happy Valentine’s Day”.
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Inspire yourself with these phrases and dedicate some of them to that person you fell in love with, today for Valentine’s Day, bloom love in your heart and express all your feelings to your boyfriend or lover.

Send cute Valentine’s Day phrases

Today we will talk about February 14th and all the people who have fallen in love sometimes know how special this date is, where we are delighted to surprise the loved one and give him the best gift to make him happy for this day.

Keep falling in love with the person you love every day, make it a fun and different love giving details, not only on this date, but every day, do not let the relationship become common and monotonous, always give the best of you.

With these phrases that you are about to read you can surprise your partner and make her fall in love a bit more, you can use them on Facebook or tell her in person, that could be the best way to declare your love and not hide it for a minute more.

Download free Valentine’s Day poems:

– “I thought about staying alone until you changed everything when I found you, now, with you everything is much better, in each question the answer is your love, and I feel very happy to have you”.
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– “You came to do me so much good, everything lit up when I found you, my heart could not forget you anymore, I hope you like my words and this nice detail for this Valentine’s Day, I love you”
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– “Getting out of my memory is not so easy, your memories were still alive in my mind, today February 14th I want you to forgive me and let me fall in love again. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
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– “I love that sweet way you have to talk to me, by your side everything is more than perfect, you are more than I deserve, and I will always value you my dear love, Happy Valentine’s Day.”
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– “That little angel face that you have made me fell in love with you from the first moment I saw you, today for Valentine’s Day I want to tell you that I want to offer you my sincere love and wish you all the best for you”.
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– “This thing that I feel in my heart for you is very intense, I will never be tired of telling you that I love you, I like everything about you, your eyes, your face and your smile, Happy Valentine’s , I love you”.
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– “You erased all my bad moments with your kisses, and you took off the bandage that blinded me, today I want to tell you that I love you very much. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
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– “I still remember that I loved those beautiful black eyes that you have, when I least expected you appeared and changed my life, on this day I leave you a tender kiss, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
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– “You know I loved you more than anyone, in this Valentine’s Day I wanted to tell you that I still do not forget you, allow me to court you again and create a new story together.”
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– “I always dreamed of finding a perfect person but when I found you I got the surprise that I do not care about perfection in love, natural and spontaneous is the most beautiful thing. I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day!”.
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I hope with all my heart you would share any of these phrases with your partner or special person. Feel free to use them in Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. Come back soon for new phrases.

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