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Sometimes relationships do not work well and sadly you have to end them, and because of social networks, all of your friends find about it in real time.

If you want to publicize your new status in Facebook, you can use one of the texts we offer you on the lines below in order to do so in an original way.

So go ahead and try the one you like the most, maybe you can fin a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Download free single status phrases:

– “At last I could see the truth and so I am back to being single, as the Lord wants. I finally broke up with that “man” who believed I belonged to him, being jealous for no reason. “
Category: single status messages

– “Maybe this is not the correct way, but I want everyone to know about this. To all those who know me and to those who want to get to know me, I announce that I am single and happier than ever. “
Category: single status messages

– “I know I have left good friends aside all this time and I am truly sorry for that, but I must tell you something that will capture your attention. I am back to being single and hopefully we can spend some time together because I miss you all very much. “
Category: single status messages

– “I have broken up with someone after many years, and although I am sad about it, deep down I know I made the right decision. It will not be easy, but I will get over it, and I hope you support me and understand me. “
Category: single status messages

– “This huge smile on my face has a great reason behind it. I ended that relationship that tied me back so much, I am back being free, and that deserves to be celebrated big time with all my friends. “
Category: single status messages

– “While it was a very nice relationship, the love we had was over. I am not sad or sorry because I still have a long path to walk in life. “
Category: single status messages

– “Dear friends, I must tell you something that will leave you stunned. I am back to being single and free, and so I do everything I want with my life without having to endure unfounded jealousy. Let us go celebrate! “
Category: single status messages

– “I agree with the saying that it is better to be alone than in bad company. Therefore, as of today I am single and looking for a tender woman that is willing to give me all her love. “
Category: single status messages

– “Dear friends, both your advice and my heart were right. I am back to being single and free, and I am looking for a man who is worthy my heart. Can you think of someone? “
Category: single status messages

– “It is said that remembering is living once again, but I would rather live imagining the future with the one who knows how to pamper me and wants to be a part of my life, giving me all his love. I am single and happy once again! “
Category: single status messages

We hope the texts we offer you will help you communicate your new status and that your post receives many likes.

Share beautiful single status quotes

The happiness we get to live in a healthy relationship is the greatest we can experience. However, there are many people who can be perfectly happy being alone and others that are likely to live destructive romantic relationships that cause them much damage, which is why many people consider being single as they like to enjoy their freedom.

If romantic relationship has come to an end and want your friends to know that you are very happy by being single, use any of the following texts to update your Facebook status.

Free new being single thoughts:

– “No more false promises, I am now free to do all the things that I like.”
Category: single status messages

– “Maybe love is not for me, but until then, I will be very happy enjoying my single life.”
Category: single status messages

– “I do not like to cry for things of the past. I am single now, so I can go back to enjoying life.”
Category: single status messages

– “I am really no good for relationships, I love being free, going wherever I want, whenever I want and doing the things my way.”
Category: single status messages

– “Sometimes you just get lost in love, and as of today I will enjoy being single.”
Category: single status messages

– “I was tired of pretending to be the perfect love, now I can go back to being how I was before, happy to be free.”
Category: single status messages

– “There are people who confuse commitment with slavery, and I am really only good being free.”
Category: single status messages

– “After this painful experience I get to the conclusion that being single is not so bad after all.”
Category: single status messages

– “A new disappointment in love confirms that the best thing for me is to remain single and enjoying my life in my own way.”
Category: single status messages

– “I cannot deny that I lived happy moments with her, but now it is all over and I go back to my bachelorhood.”
Category: single status messages

– “Actually, she had turned me into a real slave, but I am finally free, so I can go back to being a happy bachelor.”
Category: single status messages

– “Living without ties is the best there is, now I can be happy again and enjoying being single.”
Category: single status messages

– “All my old friends can be happy again, I am back, single and free to be happy again.”
Category: single status messages

– “They say that witches do not exist, but now I am single and happy again, I am starting to have doubts.”
Category: single status messages

– “My romantic relationship started very well, but it suddenly collapsed like a house of cards, so now I have to give some time to my wounded heart to heal.”
Category: single status messages

– “What I called love it was nothing but a mirage in the middle of the desert, now I go back to being single to regain control of my life.”
Category: single status messages

– “Now that it is all over, I cannot complain, but I am seriously considering to continue being single for a while.”
Category: single status messages

Many of your friends on social networks will rejoice to see that you are available once again. Come back soon to our website.

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