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There is nothing better than seeing our parents celebrating one more year of their marriage, because that means their love is still intact through the years and that is a clear indication that true love exists. Every time marriages last less and divorces have increased. That is why we must congratulate the anniversary day, as it is a moment that deserves recognition.

If you want to congratulate your parents for their anniversary and you do not know what to say exactly, do not worry because in this article you will find some very pretty phrases and appropriate for the occasion. Read all quotes and choose the one you like. Do not forget that in this special day your parents deserve a nice touch from you.

Free list of phrases for anniversary of my parents:

:: “Seeing them so happy with each other makes me know that it exists true love, so I want you on this special day to have a good time, it is a very special day, because thanks to you we are a family, happy anniversary ”
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:: “I want to congratulate dad, for always being so good to mom, for support her when she most need it and for being so far his best friend, I want you to know I see you together loving each other and that gives me great joy, happy anniversary”
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:: “Dear parents I want you to know how much I love and admire you because you have managed to bring your love for a healthy and painless way, I am really very happy to see you so happy together and I know that it will last forever, happy anniversary”
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:: “Thanks to you all my life has been very happy, because thanks to the immense love you have been able to face the problems and have given us a lot of love, thanks for giving me a wonderful family, dear parents happy anniversary”
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:: “After all these years that have passed people might believe your love has changed, but that is not true because I am sure you look the same way you did when you got married, it is a blessing to have love, happy anniversary dear parents ”
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:: “You do not know how much I want to have a wonderful marriage like yours , truly captive for your happiness, and there is no doubt that you love so much, I hope to have someday someone that would make me as happy as you are, happy birthday dad and mom ”
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:: “Today is a very special day as we celebrate your union, in which you promised to love each other all life, and today you continue to fulfill your promise, and it is not only because you have promised it but also because you love each other so much that you could not do otherwise, happy anniversary dear parents ”
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:: “Dear parents, you are a symbol of love, respect and understanding, because you have always managed to overcome the problems you faced because you supported each one of you, thank you for giving us a strong and happy family, happy anniversary mom and dad”
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Choose one of these phrases for your parents on their anniversary, you will see that whichever you choose, they will like it and they would know how much you love them.


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