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A daughter is very special since the day she is born and takes her first steps until the day when she becomes a lady, and perhaps it would be a little sad for parents to see that the girl who needed them becomes increasingly more independent. We all know that there is a special birthday where girls mark their transition from girl to woman, and that is the day that she is15 years old.

Regardless of what this day represents, it is an important day for the girl as she looks to celebrate that day and most importantly she wants to feel that others share her joy. If your daughter is about to turn fifteen and you want to dedicate a special phrase to her, read this article and pick one of these phrases, you will see that some of them tell exactly what you want to transmit to your daughter, and she will be very happy.

Free list of phrases for a 15 years old birthday:

:: “Beautiful Daughter, Today I am very proud of you, because I see in you a very beautiful lady, with good feelings, with a noble heart, and today that you turn 15 I’ll be very happy to know that this will be a memorable day for you, happy fifteen birthday little girl of my heart”
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:: “Today is a special day because today is your birthday but not any birthday, today is the day you turn fifteen years, and it is a very important birthday because you become a grown woman, continue being like you are and you will always be very happy, happy fifteen birthday my little girl”
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:: “Today is a memorable day because my daughter turns fifteen, it’s amazing how time flies, for me it does not seem long ago that she stopped crawling, but now I look and see a beautiful young lady ready for life, happy fifteen birthday my daughter ”
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:: “Dear daughter today is a very special day for you and for me, it is a day when the two of us feel the big step you take to turn 15, you are an amazing girl and I wish with all my heart that the joy that you transmit never turn off, happy fifteen birthday adored daughter ”
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:: “Every year we celebrate your birthday, but I never saw you so happy like this year where you turn fifteen years, that is why it is very important for me that you know how much I love you and want you to know that I share this joy with you, I hope this would be a very special day for you, happy birthday my daughter, have a beautiful birthday ”
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:: “I want you to know that I love you with all my heart and my support to you always will be unconditional, You can always trust me and share with me your problems and your joys and you know you have a person who always will support you, and now that you do become a beautiful young lady of 15 years, happy birthday my daughter ”
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:: “When I heard you were coming to this world it was one of the happiest days of my life and I was happier when I saw your face for the first time because you were an adorable baby, and now I see you and notice that tenderness never went away because even though you’re a lady girl your look is still the same, happy fifteen years little girl”
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:: “I thank God with all my heart for giving me the opportunity to have a wonderful daughter like you, that is why I want to celebrate this beautiful day because the gift that god send for me turns fifteen, happy fifteen birthday beloved daughter”
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Do not forget that one of these phrases would be very good for your daughter , choose one and send it to her.

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