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Romantic wedding proposals
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Marriage proposal WhatsApp messages for girlfriend
Searching for romantic wedding proposals ? Love is born in our hearts in a very subtle way and it grows slowly until we are completely sure that we are with the right person and that we want to share the rest of our lives together.

If you want to ask the love of your life to marry you, do not worry about the words because on the lines below we offer you a list of texts that are just perfect for the occasion.

Choose the one you like most!Will you marry me? Love text messages

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:: “You and I have so many beautiful dreams together that are accomplishing them slowly and all thanks to the immense, pure and true love that binds us together.

Tell me if you want to be with me until death do us part, please tell me if you want to be my wife”.

:: “I feel like a new man since I have your love in my life, which is why I want to be by your side for the rest of my life and I will make you a very interesting proposal.
Would you like to become my wife? ”

:: “I hope that the day in which I wake up and find you by my side becomes a reality because I love you with all my heart and I want to love you forever and ever. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife? ”

:: “Together we have gone through many difficult moments in our lives, but have been able to succeed thanks to our love; we have also lived moments of great happiness that we will keep in our hearts forever.

For the happy and difficult times together, marry me and let’s be happy forever”.

:: “We have had good and bad moments, but, nevertheless, the love between the two of us has grown bigger every day. My cute princess, would you like to become the queen of my heart? I want you to be my wife.

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:: “We are meant for each other and there is no doubt that we will love each other forever, so I want to ask you something very special, something that will change our lives completely. Will you marry me?

:: “I dream of the day in which we form a beautiful family and I imagine living the rest of my life with you, enjoying much happiness and giving you all my love. Would you like to make this dream come true by becoming my wife? ”

:: “I may have many faults, but since I love you, I try my best every day to be better and fill your life with much happiness, so I want to ask you a very special proposal. Marry me and let us be happy forever”.

:: “There is no woman like you around the world, more beautiful than all the flowers in the world together, more tender than a mother’s caress and owner of a love that knows no bounds. Would you do me the honor of being my wife? ”

We hope you receive a positive answer after using any of these love texts to ask the woman of your life to marry you and that you find lots of happiness by starting a family with the person you love. See you next time with more free texts!

Marriage proposals: what to say and how to say it

What do you say
in a wedding proposals?

When you start a relationship, you both feel a great illusion and you imagine what life will be like if you continue together.

That is why once you are completely sure that you two love each other are meant for each other and want to start a family together, it is time for one of the most anticipated moments: the declaration of marriage.

Check the following list of texts and use the one you like most for this special occasion.
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The most romantic and
creative wedding proposals ideas

:: “You are the woman who has changed my life forever and who has become worthy of all the love that I have in my heart, so I want to ask you something very special, something I know you have been waiting to hear for some time now. Will you be my wife?

:: “For me there is no woman more perfect than you in this world, and that is why my heart belongs to you and I give you my love fully and unconditionally. Tell me if you want to become my wife and make me the happiest man alive”.

:: “I want to give you something very special, something that symbolizes the great love I feel for you and the commitment to love you for the rest of my life, both in health and disease. Do you accept this ring to become my wife? ”

:: “I have many flaws and I try my best to improve every day, but you accept me as I am and that is something that touches my heart completely. I want to tell you something very special, something that will change our lives forever. Do you take me as your husband?

:: “Nothing gives me more happiness than seeing you happy with me while I give you my sincere love, so I am before you today with a proposal that comes from the depths of my heart. Would you accept to be my wife? ”

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:: “So far, the happiest moment of my life was the day in which you agreed to be my girlfriend, but now it will be replaced by this new moment because I want to ask something very special. Will you be my wife? ”

:: “In our future, I imagine the beautiful family that we will form and all the special moments that are waiting for us, that is why I want to take this special opportunity to ask you something with all my love. My cute princess, will you be my wife? ”

:: “Together we have faced many difficult moments which have made me understand that your love for me is sincere and that our relationship will last for the rest of our lives, so I want to ask you to become my wife. Do you accept? ”

:: “There is no doubt that the love that unites us is true and that we are made for each other, so I know that many years of happiness await for us in the future and to make this possible, I want to ask you a question. Will you give me the honor of becoming my wife?

This is one of those moments you remember forever, so make all the preparations to create a romantic atmosphere and surprise your partner with your marriage proposal. We wish you all the best!
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