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When we establish a true friendship with someone, what we feel for that person is really strong and honest. Many people boast that they have a lot of friends but, have they ever thought if they will be by their side forever? A true friend is the one who accompanies you always; he/she is someone who gives you their support, who does not let you aside and never humiliates nor betrays you.

We must learn to distinguish who is a true friend, because many people who we consider our friends are not, and they are only with us to have fun. A true friendship produces a great satisfaction and makes you happy. Below we offer you a series of phrases about friendship so that you may dedicate them to the people you love and value the most.

Examples of phrases about friendship:

:: “A true friendship is not searched for, it is found. If you are a good person then other ones will realize this and they will want to get near you. Those who do so will be the individuals who have ideas similar to yours and who feel identified with you. That is how you will be able to form a friendly relationship, based on honesty and trustfulness, as well as shared interests”.
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:: “Remember that what you need to engage in a true friendship is trust and honesty. It is not worth breaking this and betraying a friend”.
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:: “A true friend is the one who will always want the best for you in all the areas of your life; that person who will always be there to give you his/her advices and will correct you if you are wrong, but, above all, he/she will never get away from your side. People with these characteristics are considered true friends, and we must value them a lot at all times”.
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:: “A true friend will not be with you only for fun, but he/she will also give you their support in the most painful moments. He/she will always be by your side to support you in whatever is necessary. A true friendship is neither interested nor selfish, but full of love and understanding”.
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:: “A friend will be perfect for you if both of you act in a positive way. That person will give you his/her advices so that you can act appropriately and, in addition, will make sure that the moments that you share together are funny and cheerful, since he/she will have the ability to make you happy and make you feel safe. Don’t forget that you must never set aside these people that expect the best for you, for they really care about you and wish nothing but the best for your life”.
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:: “Friendship and love are united, since both are similar and they seem to have a related purpose. A lot of love, understanding, respect, reinforcement and support are needed so that they can develop”.
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:: “What stands out the most in a true friendship is support and loyalty. A true friend will always support you in difficult situations and he/she will never leave you aside”.
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: “A true friend will never leave you alone in melancholic moments; he/she will always be at your side to encourage you and, if necessary, to help you with anything you need. Those who really love you will make every effort to make you happy. Remember this and you will see that you will also become a true friend”.
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Friendship is something that we have to preserve and appreciate. We hope that these phrases will serve you so you can know what a real friendship means and, therefore, you can identify who your real friends are. Come back soon for more phrases, remember that we constantly update the web with a lot of new articles about current updates that everyone wants to know about.

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