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A very difficult situation to cope with is when a person we love passes away and leaves this earth, to never return. When you loved that person a lot and you realize that you will no longer see them again alive, you suddenly want to cry and feel despair for so much sorrow there is in your heart.

So it is always good to be around the people who esteem us, respect us and care about us, so in that very sad time which we are going through, does not become too sad for ourselves.

Therefore, in this article we offer you a series of posts to relieve the pain of that person who has lost a loved one. It may not completely alleviate their grief; however it will make that person feel better because as the days go by, this bad time will pass little by little.

Free list of condolences messages:

– “We cannot do anything, he / she is gone, and we are sure that he / she next is by the side of the Heavenly Father, from heaven he /she will look after you and will be much better than on this earth.”
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– “Now we must pray much for the heart and soul of your mommy. We are sure that she is at the right hand side of our Lord. Time will take care to relieve that so strong grief that you feel in your heart and your mother will protect you from above. “
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– “I am sure you cannot imagine your life without your mother by your side, however you must be sure that at some point you will meet her. You see that when God decides, you will see her again. Have faith and serenity that she is in heaven. “
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– “We all know that we are birds of passage on this earth and that we can leave at any time, so although you will not see her again in your life, you have her recorded in your mind and in your heart as sweet memories.”
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– “You have to know that she is better now that she passed away, on earth she suffered a lot and finally she has achieved peace and tranquility for her soul and body. So let us not be so sad, she would not like to see us like this. “
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– “I know you feel that this pain will never end for you, but you must know that God will make all sorrow becomes less hard for you. You will see that our Father will let you know that your dad is much better up there.”
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– “You have to be calm and understand that your grandmother was a wonderful person, she is now with God in heaven watching over you and taking care of each of us. Someday you will see her again, now you just have to understand that God has decided to take her with him. “
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– “I know it is very difficult to have lost your sister, such a great person she was, but our Lord wanted to take her from this world into heaven, now do not you increase more the bad feelings in your heart and try to pray and ask for resignation, peace and serenity. “
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– “You always had strength in your blood, we all know that you are going through very difficult moments, but we know that you will be able to come out of this trance. Pray looking to the heavens and ask for the lovely mother that God gave you, you will see that she will look down from up there. “
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– “We know that at some point each of us will leave this earth, so despite today you lost a being who you loved so much, you have to know that he is better than all of us, you will see that serenity will arrive to your heart and sorrow will eventually go away. “
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Hopefully these posts will help this person who has lost a loved one. Do not hesitate to send it or tell it to the person who is feeling sad.

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