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When you are in a relationship, not every day will be joyful; even if the relationship seemed to be on track, after a while disinterest may prevail.

If you feel that the relationship you are living cannot continue and that your interest is not reciprocated by your partner, then it is time to think of yourself and do what is best for you. Check the texts below and chose the one you like most, personalize it and dedicate it to your partner.

Free examples of break up texts:

:: “I have been thinking about this decision for a few weeks now. Things are not like before, you do not look at me like you did, you do not make me feel as dear as before, your interest in me is not the same, and you do not ask me about my day anymore. You only tell me you love me when I tell it to you first and it definitely does not come from your heart. Whatever it is, I do not want to suffer any longer because of you. Let us end things here and live our lives separately”.
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:: “You are witness that I placed all my effort into this relationship to try and make it work. I did not want to tell you this before because I got sad remembering so many good times we lived together, but it is time make some decisions. This cannot continue any longer if you do not match my love and my interest. I am sorry to put an end to this relationship we have built, but this is the way it will have to be”.
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:: “From the first day we me, you captivated me with your look, you made me understand that something incredible was going to happen between us and it did, but I do not know why you lost interest so suddenly. I do not want to think anything bad about you, but this cannot continue any longer, especially because you do not have the will to make it work and have left me alone in this. This is goodbye”.
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:: “The experiences we have had are unique, I will never forget them, they left wonderful things in my heart and in my memories. But as in everything, this has an end and it is now. For months I have not felt your intention to love me and remain as thoughtful as you were before. This is not going to work and we should not depend on each other anymore, and less if there are feelings involved. It will be difficult to address, at least for me, but I know that it is for the best and that in the future we will appreciate having ended this story to find happiness in our separate ways”.
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:: “I now know that you are indifferent to the future we can have as a couple. If this is true, I am out of this game, which was serious for me. I am sorry that we could not maintain this relationship, but the uninterested one is you. Here we leave build what we started; goodbye”.
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It is important that you are clear while expressing your ideas, it is not a simple decision in your life. See you soon for more tips.

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