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As we approach the celebration of the birth of a relative or a loved one we tend to say the popular phrase “Happy Birthday”, but what we really accomplish is deeper than what it looks like. Wishing our friend a happy day shows the great love we feel for them.

If some of your friends will soon be celebrating their birthdays, send a sincere greeting for their special day to make them feel happy about the fact that their loved ones did not forget the date. You can choose the most appropriate phrase you think and dedicate it to them in their wall through social networks or send it by SMS and this way your friend will remember this day forever.

Free list of beautiful messages for a friend’s birthday:

:: “Dear friend I love talking to you because we always have so much fun, with you it is not necessary to spend any money. I appreciate you as much as if you were my own family, I hope this is a special day and that you enjoy it very much”.
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:: “The moments we spent together are really fun, you have a good sense of humor, thanks for those unforgettable days we enjoyed together. On this day I wish you with all my heart that you can have a lot of fun”.
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:: “As children we had lots of fun making different games. But now that we have grown up we gamble our chances for beautiful girls. You’re a good friend and an amazing person. Congratulations on your day”.
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:: “When I met you I did not think that by your side I would have so many happy moments. I will never forget all the times we had together, all the triumphs and disappointments that we have experiences, thank you for always being there and making me feel special. Happy birthday mate”.
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:: “When I felt alone and without knowing what decisions to make in my life you were there by my side and from you I learned to look for solutions to everyday challenges. You’re a great friend, honest and noble so I appreciate you so much and I’m happy to know you. Congratulations on your birthday”.
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:: “I feel very fortunate for having someone as honest as you are by my side. You’ve never left me alone when facing problems showing me your sincere friendship, you’re a good person and I hope that the Almighty blesses you always with many happy years”.
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:: “This date cannot end without first telling you how special you are to me. Every one of your actions has shown me that your love is true and has come to occupy a special place in my life. Thanks for being a good friend, I love you and our love is something I treasure. Many congratulations”.
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:: “Days do not stop passing by, but our friendship continues being alive because we have spent unforgettable moments together. The most special memories I have in my life are with you. Happy birthday friend”.
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We hope you liked some of these birthday greetings so you can send them to your good friend on his birthday.

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