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Original birthday greetings
for Facebookfind nice birthday love sayings for my girlfriend

If it’s your friend’s birthday and you don’t know how to greet him, don’t worry because here you will find the best Birthday words for friends.

We know you may want to share some original Birthday thoughts through social networks so here we offer you a great selection of the best birthday wishes.

We made this article full of very emotional birthday texts thinking about everybody who may have difficulties expressing themselves. We hope they are what you were looking for.

The best Messenger birthday greetings for friends

:: “Despite the distance, I will drink a glass of wine in your name, to toast for your birthday. I wish you as always all the best in this new period of life. Happy Day”.

:: “Let’s raise our glasses, it is time to toast for a unique, special, fun and original friend. We wish you great success. Congratulations my friend”.

:: “Your friendship is the most beautiful and sweet thing that life could give me. Have a wonderful Birthday

:: “Words cannot express all the happiness I wish you in this new path that you are beginning in life. Happy Birthday, I send you a big hug”.

:: “For each star that dies another is born, please don’t worry if there is a dream difficult to fulfil, definitely you will achieve many of your dreams. Happy Birthday”.

find best love birthday wishes for your girlfriend Nice happy birthday words for a friend

:: “May happiness, joy and serenity reign your life. I wish you spend a great day with your family. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Today is a very special day, impossible to forget. It’s your birthday and as always I wish you enjoy this day with your wife and cute children. Cheers! Happy Birthday!”.

:: “Someone as special as you deserve to celebrate his birthday in a very original way. So we have a complete day full of surprises for you. We hope you enjoy it! Congratulations”.

:: “I wish you infinite joy for every day of your life. You will always be my best friend. I will never forget all our great moments together. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Today in your birthday. Look behind and you would appreciate the great life you have built. Enjoy it with your loved ones. Happy Birthday”.

Pretty love birthday phrases download to share by Twitter Short birthday greetings for WhatsApp

:: “Life is sometimes complicated but you have the patience to understand it. Just time can give you that kind of wisdom. You are a great friend, enjoy your party! Happy Birthday”.

:: “Today I want to give you a sincere Happy Birthday greeting. I know it’s difficult to share great moments due to work, but let’s promise ourselves that soon we will do it”.

:: “I cannot let pass this day without wishing you a lot of happiness for your Birthday. Tonight we will celebrate as you deserve. Cheers!”.

Messages and birthday greetings for a friend

:: “Dear friend, I’m so happy for everything you have, a great life and the love of your family. I send you many hugs. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Congratulations on your birthday! I wish you a great year; you deserve it as you work very hard for your family. You are a great friend. Cheers!”.

:: “Sometimes expressing myself with words may be difficult but I will make my effort. I want you to be happy next to your family and I know you will find success in your life. Happy Birthday”.

Sweet and touching I love you birthday Whatsapp text messages Happy birthday cards for a family member

:: “Dear friend, please don’t change your way of being, I hope you may remain the great person you are. I hope you enjoy all we have prepared for you. Happy Birthday”.

:: “May your life be full of happiness and that you would enjoy walking your path in life. You are a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday”.

:: “Happy Birthday, May you have all the confidence to fight to achieve your dreams. Always remember that you will obtain all that you really want if you wish it with all your strength”.

Remember to share an original birthday greeting with your friend. Do it freely, you can use Instagram or Facebook. Enjoy the party!

Nice birthday messages for my partner

Express your best wishes to the love of your life on his birthday so that they can remember it forever. It is not necessary that you express your greeting personally, you can send a nice message to your loved one for his birthday through Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp and tell him you want the best for them on that special date.

If you want to send a nice greeting to your sweetie for his birthday, then you are in the right place. In this article we leave you with a list of cute birthday greetings for your love.

These beautiful words are loaded with great tenderness and your fiancé will be very happy for that nice touch on the day of his birthday.

download birthday love whishes for your girlfriend
Sweet & romantic love birthday wishes for her

:: “All of your joys are mine also, I feel very happy because God gives you another year of life for us to be close together. Happy birthday my love”.
:: “Every day I spend with you is wonderful, I love seeing your pretty face and kissing your sweet lips, I wish you well on your birthday my darling”.
:: “Time passes quickly so I want to make the most out of every day we spent together, have a happy birthday and I hope you can accomplish all your wishes”.
:: “When I am with you I feel like as if I were in the clouds, I want to make you happy every day and especially today because you are celebrating another year of life. Many congratulations”.
:: “It is with you that I discovered how wonderful true love is, your details with me and your way of being make me fall in love more and more of you. May you have a birthday to remember”.

Find best happy birthday text to girlfriend

:: “We are very happy because we not only love each other but we understand each other and like doing the same things. I love you my darling, have a happy birthday”.
:: “Even if many years pass, I will still love you like the very first day, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a happy birthday”.
:: “When I am with you I feel like as if the world disappears and it is just you and me, thanks for making me very happy. I wish you all the best for your birthday”.
:: “The Lord commanded you to come to the earth to fill with joy the life of all people around you, you are a wonderful girl and with your sweetness you make me fall in love with you more and more every day. Congratulations on your birthday”.
:: “Maybe I cannot buy an expensive gift or invite to dinner at a fancy restaurant, but I can give you all my love and make you happy not only today for your birthday but every day of your life. Congratulations my love”.
:: “You are the most beautiful of all, your beauty has no comparison, I feel an immense joy to have your love. Have an unforgettable birthday my love”.
:: “I love to look at you for in your eyes reflects the great love you have for me, I love your beautiful smile, you are the light that illuminates my life. I wish you success for your birthday”.

We hope you have liked these greetings for the birthday of your loved one. Dedicate one to your partner and he will be very excited.

download cute birthday love wordings for your girlfriend,
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