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Being in a relationship is cause for feeling much happiness. Having someone who loves us and with whom we can enjoy unforgettable moments is a wonderful thing. Love is a wonderful feeling but it is also delicate. It is very important that we feed it every day with details that will bind us much more to our loved one.

In this article we have compiled a list of beautiful phrases for my better half. Spend these cute words through Facebook, Twitter, Tuenti, Whatsapp or any other for your boyfriend or girlfriend got surprised and feel an enormous happiness for being with you.

Free list of love phrases for my partner:

– “A beautiful sensation runs through my body every time I look at you and makes me get lost in your eyes, that feeling is what motivates me to live each day and transported me to a perfect world, that beautiful feeling is the great love I have for you. “
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– “You have filled me with inspiration to see the world of colors and I am so proud to be your boyfriend to tell you how happy I am to be with you. Being with you is great and wonderful because you are my princess. “
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– “If a genie would grant me three wishes all I would ask is your happiness, either to me or next to another person, near or far from me. I love you with all my heart and all I want is your welfare. You’re the only man in my life and always will be. “
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– “When I met your pretty eyes captivated me and slowly fell in love with you because I realized you’re the guy who was always looking for. This love has joined us always remain firm. “
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– “I love to hear you tell me I’m the only love of your life and that you are looking for our happiness. When I look in your eyes I feel like I get lost in them and when I kiss your lips take on a world of fantasy. “
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– “Being with you I’ve done a lot of crazy love things and I will never regret it because I love you with all my heart. You are the love of my life and with you I feel complete and happy person. “
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– “I can not imagine the rest of my life without your love, you are in all my projects and goals. Since we met I felt that we made for each other and if fate brought us together is because we will never separate from each other. “
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– “The joy I feel to have your love has no comparison, sometimes do not know how to tell you how much I love you and instead I stared looking straight to your eyes and give you a deep kiss. “
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– “Start our relationship was not easy because everyone was against us, but our love was stronger and could show that nobody and nothing could separate us. I love you so much, my life. “
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We hope these beautiful phrases for your better half have been to your liking. Sending these to your partner will strengthen your relationship.

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