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Whenever we speak of Australia we remember the nice places that it has, as the beautiful beaches frequently visited by surfers, great deserts, and cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. But Australia also has a great number of interesting museums that little by little have been visited by many tourists who have come to Australia and who have been totally fascinated with huge pieces of art.

If you have decided to travel to Australia, here you will find what you need to know about the most important museums, its location and what you’ll find in them.

Melbourne Museum

Located in the city of Melbourne, it offers different types of artwork to tourists; it is one of the most important museums in Australia. This museum is one of the most beautiful in Australia. The Melbourne Museum hosts approximately 170 objects, representations of ancient Mesopotamia.

It is a very modern museum as they have recreated the earth of 600 million years ago with multimedia animations. The museum also has other pieces of art from painting and photography.

National Gallery of Australia

One of the major attractions in the National Gallery of Australia is the beautiful garden formed by the large collection of sculptures that is inside .One of its main characteristics is that the exhibitions rotate, as they are changed from time to time.

We also find in this great museum pieces distributed in three categories represented by an indigenous, Asian, Australian and American art. This museum is totally dedicated to the art and it is located in the beautiful city of Canberra.

National Gallery of Victoria

It’s a beautiful museum which has many years to host visitors who come from all over the world .it has 150 years of existence and it is a historical place where tourists are able to see beautiful art pieces that are mostly Australian but also would be found art from many other countries. In this museum we also see art of the Pacific Islands.

It has objects of art such as ceramics and weaving. Something new that was done in the museum is a children’s program, which simulates a trip through the time and the goal is to learn more about the world.

Art Gallery of New South Wales

The museum is one of the most visited. In a year it receives about 1 million of tourists that are very interested in the type of art that is exposed in this museum. It has three collections represented by the Australian, Asian and Western.

On the other hand we also find pieces of European art, Aboriginal, and contemporary which were made by wonderful artists from many countries. Its location is in the city of Sydney in the Domain Gardens. This museum was completed the eighteenth century.


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