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A loving relationship always fills a part of your life, but there are times when there are conflicts and discussions that all couples generally have, however there comes a time in which both parts feel that is not the same and that the relationship has no solution. Although it is never good to rush in making a decision as quickly as to end the loving relationship that once filled our day with love.

If your partner has said that it is better to end the relationship and you do not agree with that decision and want to tell him that you might give it another try, we offer you a series of messages for him not to put an end with that beautiful relationship you had. We suggest that what you do in person, if you cannot do so you can send him a text message via mobile phone or give him a written message with your handwriting. You will see that in that way he will even think things better and decide to stay with you.

Download best messages to avoid a breakup :

– “It is not possible that you want to put an end to such a beautiful relationship we had one side by side. I love you with madness. We can make our days a constant happiness, come back to me my love. “
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– “Do you remember that you promised to be by my side through better and through worse? So now that we are having a hard time, let us go back to being that couple that loved each other every moment of their lives.”
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– “I am sure that the love in our hearts is not dead yet, so do not take such a hasty decision like putting an end to this relationship that we have built, we will be really happy together.”
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– “Everybody realizes that we love each other. You do not know how much I hope you tell me you love me as much as the day you looked into my eyes with your heart in your hand. “
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– “I am very sad because you told me that what there was between the two of us has ended, because I still love you. And I’m sure you also feel the same for me. Why are you doing this? “
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– “I do not know what would happen to me if you were not by my side. I do not know what I would do if I did not had someone like you to express how much I love you. Are you sure you do not want to be with me? I want to be back together with you, please. “
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– “Now that you are away from me, you leave a huge void in my life. First of all I am sure this determination you have made is not the adequate one because love is present in both of us, this decision will only cause much sorrow in our hearts. “
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– “I do not know what is happening right now that you are saying that you are leaving me forever. My love for you is still beating, do not punish me by going away from me, please my love. “
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– “All I ask from you is that you think very good about the decision you made to end things with me forever. I just want to tell you I still love you like the first time I met you, I love you so much. “
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– “I never imagined you would break up with me, and I refuse to think about what is happening between the two of us. I no longer want to hear you anymore, I just know that there is still love between the two of us. “
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– “Can you hear my heart and understand that I love you very much, and that I can do unimaginable things for you. Remember that I love you too much and that I never want to lose you.”
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– “You will never find someone who loves you as much as I do. You can find another person or more, but nobody will give as much love to you as I do. No person shall respect you, take care of you and love you as much as I do. “
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– “You still have a mark in my heart. You are the only in my life and so far you do not realize it. I do not know why you decided to leave me alone and forget all the beautiful things we lived. Let us get back together again, my love. “
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Hopefully these posts have helped you to express your loved one that you still love him.

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