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When love touches our heart, we only realize how cute our boyfriends are, the defects are left behind. When we love a person we try to express what we feel for them through touch or some nice gestures, even if it is not for a special date or something like that, we want to tell them that we love everything about them.

Perhaps you are ashamed to show what you feel about him but you know it is a matter of, you will see that in a while it will not be complicated to you to show your thoughts and feelings for him.

The nicest thing would be for you to tell him in person. Depends on how much you know him, to choose the place, as you know what would be the most appropriate one, to express to him what fascinates you about him just as he is, what he does for you, his love, how funny he is, among others. What enchants you most about him. You will see how thrilled he becomes as he hears those words coming from your mouth and you will see that he will really try to improve the relationship every day.

On the other hand a good idea would be to give him a letter written by yourself where you express everything you feel about him, every detail that fills your heart because he is by your side and that you cannot imagine a single minute if he were not by your side. Sometimes it is pretty difficult to tell him all these things looking into his eyes, so you can choose to write him a letter instead, an honest one that say all that your heart feels for him.

You can choose to place the letter in a place he always looks at, like the bathroom or among his shirts, you will see that it will really surprise him and that he will never forget it. I case you are not so good at writing letters, you can also send him a text message.

If you have extra money available, you can give him a gift so you can pair it with the letter, you can buy him something that he likes. Wait until you see his face when you give it to him.

On the lines below we offer you many messages with which you can express everything you feel for your boyfriend.

Free list of love messages for my boyfriend:

:: “I am so glad I found you in my way. I love to hear your laugh, watch your eyes when you look at me and the way you are. Always be yourself because I adore the way you are. I love you with my whole life”.
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:: “The love that I have for you was born for all that you give me each day starting with that great love and the way you have of expressing it to me. You are unique to me and I want it to be that way forever”.
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:: “I do not know what I would do without your touch and without your love you give me every day. You make my days have a constant joy. I want to be with you every second of my life, I love you so much my love”.
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:: “I do not know what you do to me because every time I am with you I feel like as if I were in the clouds. You are the guy who I always waited for you and I do not want you to leave my side, ever”.
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:: “I am so happy to be at your side, everything about you makes me happy and fills my life with peace, love and tranquility. I want to be by your side forever”.
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:: “With you I found true love. I do not know what would have happened if I had not found you since you fill my heart with joy. I hope you are always like that with me”.
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Hopefully these messages have inspired you to decide to make your own and dedicate them to the love of your life. You will see that this will help you make your relationship more solid. Best of luck.

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