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The first time that we fall in love with someone, what usually happens is that we cannot get them out of our head, and a variety of phrases that could help us to express what we really feel are going through our mind.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to be sure of the phrases that we choose to tell the person that we like so much, since we will depend on them in order to stand out from the others and thus become their greatest desire.

On the lines below you will find various phrases that will help you get closer to the girl who has taken over all of your thoughts.

Free list of love phrases for your partner:

– “The first time we met, it will be unforgettable. And I cannot help but be happy. You are the one that appears in my dreams and I cannot endure the urge to tell you how much I want you. “
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– “You are the honey that the bees go crazy for. You alter my nerves and make me feel in a different world where there is only you and me. Please do not deny me your love and let this wish come true. “
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– “Everything is a bit more beautiful when you are with me and what I desire and wish is to be able to feel your lips against mine.”
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– “I am just looking for that precise moment to be able to look straight into your eyes, talk with you for a moment, and that is because I feel that my heart breaks the barriers of time and I am only asking you to give me a chance, thereby to draw a smile on your face when I say to you “I love you” “
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– “You were the only one who could break that horrible routine that was destroying me and by simply getting to know you state that true love exists. The only thing I think about now is to get closer to you and in that way just whisper into your ear that I can only think of you. “
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– “When roses bloom they emanate a fragrance similar to yours and when you water them, that delicious smell grabs me and will not let me think of nothing else other than you. If you allowed me to always be with you, I would protect you like I protect all my roses and amongst them you would highlight as the most beautiful one of them. “
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– “When you tell me your anecdotes and stories I feel I could listen to you for the rest of the day without getting exhausted, and that is because your eyes are so penetrating that I get lost in them and I can just imagine staring at them for eternity.”
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– “Every time I fall sleep, I dream that we walk together holding hands, and so I question myself If that I even remotely possible. I will arm myself of bravery and courage, and tell you I could be your prince. “
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– “My greatest desire is to hold your hand, walking together on the sidewalk and tell you how much I love you. I feel in paradise with the simple thought of your kisses and longing to fulfill this so rampant desire. “
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– “The world is black and white, dull and unpleasant if there is even only one day in which I have not seen you. With just seeing you, my reality gets filled with colors, even more perfect than reality itself. I just wish that this dream of a life with you actually becomes true and in that way I will never stop loving you. “
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– “I feel the need to tell you something very important, and it is because truthfully, you are the reason why are my feelings go crazy. You are in my thoughts at all times and believe me when I tell you that I love you.”
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– “Whenever you appear in my dreams, I feel the most beautiful things and I need to say that among all women you are the most beautiful. Every time we meet I feel Iike as if I were more in love with you and my sincere love is all that I give you.”
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Hopefully these phrases will be of great help to you so you can express your deepest wishes to that special someone, a very important thing from the beginning of any relationship.

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