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Best Happy New Year messages

get New Year greeting cards for WhatsApp and Facebook
Looking for best Happy New Year messages ? . The special dates are enjoyed more when love is in the middle, which is why in these dates the couples seek to share beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greetings with their partners.

You can also surprise and brighten your boyfriend’s heart by sending cute love dedications for Christmas and New Year, it is the best way to send your best wishes and show your feelings.

It won’t take you long; you just need to choose some original romantic Merry Christmas and Happy New Year phrases to send to your boyfriend. So he can receive a special detail from you.

How do you wish someone
a Happy New Year?

:: “The more Christmas is coming the more excited our hearts beat and more beautiful dreams come together to receive the New Year. Congratulations, my blue prince!”.

:: “One of my greatest wishes has always been to celebrate Christmas Eve and receive the New Year next to the love of my life and now it will come true thanks to you. Congratulations!”.

:: “The spirit of Christmas is in our hearts and together with our love will make these the most beautiful End of Year’s Holidays of our lives. I wish you the best, my love!”.

:: “There is not a single day in which I stop giving thanks for that beautiful gift that is your love and your company in my life, which I want to have forever. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, my dear!”.

:: “The love that lives in our hearts shines like the star of Bethlehem and leads us to happiness. Have a nice Christmas and a wonderful New Year!”.Get happy New Year quotes for Whatsapp & FB

What should I write
in a Happy New Year card?

:: “No gift can be compared to the love we give each day, so our Christmas will be wonderful and our New Year spectacular. Congratulations!”.

:: “When we are together, celebrating Christmas Eve, we will give thanks for our love and when we are receiving the New Year we will be grateful for so many beautiful moments. Happy Holidays!”.

:: “I feel like a little girl celebrating Christmas with you, everything seems beautiful to me and thinking about the New Year makes me daydream. Congratulations and thank you for your love!”.

:: “You achieved the unthinkable, now Christmas and the New Year are the Holidays that I like most of the year and it is because of that great love that you carry for me inside your heart. I adore you honey!”.

:: “You are the most important person throughout my life; It is you who I want forever by my side, so I wish you a Merry Christmas and a beautiful New Year with all the love in my heart”.

Best romantic Happy New Year
wishes and messages

:: “Let us make our love become a shining star that will lead us along paths of joy and lead us to the realization of our dreams. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”.

:: “I will remember these End of Year’s Holidays forever because they will be the most beautiful I have ever lived and all thanks to your immense love. Congratulations, king of my heart!”.

:: “I want to take advantage of Christmas to thank God for having sent an angel to my life that brought me a true love and that angel is you. I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!”.

:: “Sometimes we look like little children, happy with the magic of Christmas and full of illusions for the New Year, but I love it very much. Congratulations, sweetheart!”.

:: “All those beautiful feelings that you wake up in my heart are what give meaning to this Christmas and make me believe that the New Year will be wonderful. Thank you, my dear!”.Short happy New Year wishes to friends and family on Whatsapp

Sweet New Year messages
for friends

:: “This Christmas Eve will make our hearts filled with love and joy, let us welcome the New Year with many hopes and let’s promise to love each other forever”.

:: “You completely changed my world, now Christmas looks really amazing and beautiful and the arrival of this New Year fills me with much enthusiasm. Happy Holidays, sweetie!”.

:: “I want to thank you for the tenderness of your love, for the illusions with which you fill my heart and for becoming the man of my life. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, darling!”.

:: “It is waiting for us the most beautiful of all Christmas and a New Year full of congratulations and all thanks to the power of our love. I adore you with all my heart!”.

Your boyfriend will enjoy reading the cute Merry Christmas and Happy New Year texts that you send him on these dates.

Why don’t you take advantage and also share the most beautiful congratulatory messages for End of Year’s Holidays with your loved ones?Download magical New Year love messages

Happy New Year greeting cards
for Facebook

Looking for best Happy New year text messages ? Another year is coming to an end and it is time to say goodbye to the ending year with all our loved ones.

Do not forget to make plans for this year and dedicate any of the following texts to that you like so much.

You can share these New Year messages via facebook, twitter or whatsapp. You will see that your friends will love them.

Short Happy New Year messages &

:: “Please forgive me if I have not treated you like you deserve on the past year, but I am sure that the coming year will give us many opportunities to prove we are still best friends. I wish you lots of happiness”.

:: “At some point we promised each other that we would be friends for the rest of our lives, so I want to thank you because this year has been amazing and I am sure that the next one will also be great. Happy New Year, dear friend”.

:: “This year will always be present in my heart because I lived unforgettable moments and many of them were with you, as you are my best friend.

Next year will bring even more moments to have fun and continue discovering life. I love you very much and I wish you a happy New Year full of prosperity”.

:: “We are the best friends in the whole world, so nobody can destroy our friendship. I have no doubt that next year will be very good for both of us and that we will continue making our dreams come true. I wish you the best”.

:: “We are such good friends that I consider you as if you were the sister I never had. Before the end of this year I want to thank you for all the good things you have done for me and I promise that next year I will do my best to help in any way I can. I wish you a happy New Year”.Wishing you a happy New Year darling Whatsapp messages

Find best happy New Year
wishes & greetings

:: “We have been a little distant because of the heated argument we had, but I do not want to finish this year like this. I apologize and I want to wish you a prosperous and happy New Year and a lot of success in your life”.

:: “I send the warmest greetings to all my loved ones for New Year’s Eve as I appreciate you and thank for your company throughout this year, I hope that on the next 365 days we continue to strengthen the beautiful friendship that unites us”.

:: “We have not given due attention to our friendship lately because of our studies and work, but I still consider you my friend, so I apologize and promise you that this year we will spend more time together. I wish you lots of happiness in this New Year”.

Start the New Year with optimism and do not forget to congratulate the people you love. Share any of these beautiful

Download cute
New Year messages for Whatsapp

As December approaches, many people start thinking about how Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve celebrations will be, as they represent the beginning of a new period in our life.

If you want to express your best wishes to all your loved ones and do not know what to say, read the texts on the list below that are nice Christmas and New Year greetings.

Happy New Year messages
for Messenger

:: “I wish you nothing but happiness on the next 12 months that are about to start and I want to tell you to keep on making your best effort so that you accomplish all of your dreams”.

:: “Today I can realize that you were right about many of the things you said to me and I want to apologize because I would not listen to you. Next year will be one of the best in our lives, I have no doubt about it. I wish you a prosperous and happy New Year”.

:: “We are the best friends in the whole world, so nobody can destroy our friendship. I have no doubt that next year will be very good for both of us and that we will continue making our dreams come true. I wish you the best”.

:: “Dear friends, a New Year is starting and what a better opportunity to resume all those dreams we left aside and trust that God will bless us and help us achieve all the goals we have set. For the coming year”.

:: “I hope you have a lot of success and happiness in the New Year and may all of your dreams come true, you know that I appreciate you very much and that I thank God for having you in my life”.

:: “We have been great friends since we were small and that is why not even distance will break our bond. I wish you a happy New Year”.happy New Year wishes for friends, family, & Whatsapp status

What to write in a
New Year card

:: “With all the love in the world I send you this warm greeting for New Year’s Eve and I hope you get to accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself this coming year, you know that you can always count on me for anything because you are my best friend and I will always wish you the best”.

:: “I hope this is the best year of your life and that it brings much happiness and many wonderful things. I love you and hope God blesses you! ”

:: “My greatest wish is for this year to be fabulous for everyone and that God allows us to achieve all of our goals we have set for ourselves this coming year. I wish you all the best!”

:: “It is time to leave aside all negative things and start the year with a lot of good energy. I wish you all the best and I hop God blesses you in every aspect of your life”.

:: “We have lived good times and bad times throughout this year, but the only things we have to think about now are all the good things that the New Year is going to bring and ask God to give us the wisdom to know how to make the most out of every opportunity we have”.

Send these beautiful New Year greetings to all your friends and family. You will see that all our friends and family will love these beautiful phrases.Cute happy New Year Whatsapp status images

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