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What to write in a new year card ? How to get happy new year messages for Whatsapp & FB ? . After having spent a happy Christmas next to our loved ones, there is another great celebration, New Year’s Eve.

So you do not forget to send your best wishes to all of your friends and family.

You can use any of the texts we offer you on the lines below and send them via social networks.

How do you wish someone a Happy New Year?

– “Tonight we say goodbye to this year, which has brought many good times and some bad times. However, I am very excited to welcome the next 12 months which will bring us much happiness and joy. I send you all a big hug. “
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– “Let us begin this New Year with a lot of enthusiasm and grateful to God for all he has given everything for us. I send this greeting full of good wishes to all my friends and family, I wish you all the best!”
Category: New Year messages

– “We have to make all of our dreams come true on this year and we have and forget about all the bad moments we have had in life. I wish you lots of success and prosperity! “
Category: New Year messages

– “I hope that the arrival of the New Year represents a positive change in your life and that with the blessing of God you can achieve all the dreams you have set for yourself on this year. I appreciate you very much, dear friend. “
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What should I write in a Happy New Year card ?

– “May you receive many beautiful surprises on this year and may your home be blessed with plenty of love and your life with much happiness.”
Category: New Year greetings

– “Before we say goodbye to this year, let us make a list of all the success and all the mistakes we had in order to repeat the good things and avoid the bad decisions. I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!”
Category: New Year greetings

– “I send you this cordial greeting to wish you all the best in the coming year and thank you for all the special moments we have lived together.”
Category: New Year greetings

– “This year is coming to an end and it takes all the negative things with is, as we should only stay with the beautiful experiences we had and try to repeat them on the next 365 days. I wish you all the best!”
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Best happy new year wishes and messages for Facebook friends

– “Give the coming year a big welcome since it will bring many surprises and you will enjoy unforgettable moments with all your loved ones.”
Category: Happy New Year wishes

– “Be fully confident that you will receive many blessings and that prosperity will always be present in your home this year.”
Category: Happy New Year wishes

– “I want each of the next 365 days to come to be full of surprises and for you to live wonderful moments because you really deserve only the best. I send you a big hug. “
Category: Happy New Year wishes

– “I ask God to bless all my loved ones and that he helps you accomplish all the projects you have. I wish you all the best!”
Category: Happy New Year wishes

– “I am very happy and I want to share all my joy with you because in a few hours we will welcome a new year and I have no doubt that it will be one of the most beautiful ones of our lives. I wish you all the best!”
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The best way to welcome a new year is by expressing our best wishes and sharing our love with our friends and family through social networks.

The best New Year texts

Everyone anxiously awaits the arrival of New Year’s Eve, as it represents a new opportunity for is to reach our dreams, and what better than celebrating it with our best friends. Give a touch of humor to the night, sharing our sentences, with your dearest friends. Happy New Year!

Happy new year greeting cards for Facebook

– “As a New Year’s Eve gift, we have brought you the girl that you love. Make sure you make your best effort, because if she gets bored, another one will take her. “
Category: New Year phrases for Facebook

– “I know what to ask for when the clock strikes twelve O’clock, and I really hope it comes true this time. I have asked for an alarm clock with a bucket of water included, so that for the first time in your life, you get to where you have to go on time. “
Category: New Year phrases for Facebook

– “They say that if you stroll around the block with a suitcase when the clock strikes twelve o’clock, you will travel during New Year’s Eve. Put away your suitcase, as nobody said it would all be paid for. Happy New Year’s Eve, grungy.”
Category: New Year phrases for Facebook

– “There will be no best New Year’s Eve party than this one. Please try to arrive within this year, not the next one. “
Category: New Year phrases for Facebook

– “Nobody says it’s wrong to have some curves, but if you do not stop eating so much turkey, there will be no dress that will fit you.”
Category: New Year phrases for Facebook

– “If your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, then you must start at noon. Unlike every year, you will not be able to finish all the food by yourself.”
Category: New Year phrases for Facebook

Happy new year wishes and short new year messages for Instagram stories

– “If you eat a grape for each wish you make, next year all of your wishes will come true. But, if you don’t make your best effort, then nothing will come true. “
Category: New Year wishes for Instagram

– “It will soon be midnight, and you are still sleeping. Get out of bed or I swear I will drag you with that sleepy face to the party. ¿Want to bet? “
Category: New Year wishes for Instagram

– “While everyone hopes to find true happiness in the New Year, I just hope you find your wallet and pay me what you owe me. Do not act like as if you don’t remember! “
Category: New Year messages

– “I know how much you appreciate the bubbling of the champagne, but it not a good excuse to drink all of the bottles in the New Year’s Eve party. If you are not careful, the toilet will become your dance partner. “
Category: New Year wishes for Instagram

– “Our New Year’s wish for you is that from the first day of the new year, you get to decide what you are going to wear for the next New Year’s Eve party, to see if that way you manage to get on time. Happy New Year, crazy closet! “
Category: New Year wishes for Instagram

– “What a better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than being surrounded by dear friends. Hopefully they will clean a little before the go and I do not end up having to do all the work by myself. Happy New Year’s Eve dear friends! “
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As the strikes twelve, you will make everyone laugh with these original texts.

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