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how to obtain citizenship in italy, italian residence, italian citizenshipCitizenship by residence in Italy and European citizenship: requirements and benefits

Italy has always been a place that many people dream of living. Its fields and cities have been and remain very attractive. If you are one of those who want to live in Italy, it is important to inform yourself about the details of how to have a legal residence. This article will detail what you want to know about the benefits of residence in Italy.

First, it is important to know that, even though the crisis has strongly beaten Italy’s economy, this country has become a destination for migrants for its integration into the European Union and the development of its economy.

In this regard, in the Italian migration policy there is not the figure of permanent resident. They grant citizenship (citizenship residence) to anyone over 18 who have been living for more than two years in Italy.

Obtaining Italian citizenship automatically grant EU citizenship, with which the person benefiting is recognized as full citizens of the European Union. European citizenship does not replace the citizenship of each member country, but complements it. Thus the beneficiaries that also are Latin-Americans have the advantage of being able to reside in any country member of the European Union with all the rights of the Community.

In synthesis, the benefits of obtaining the citizenship residence in Italy are mainly focused on the following:

– Benefits for people who want to live and take their family to Italy, which is necessary to process the visa for family reunification, which as its name mentions allows family members to live together in Italy.

– Direct and indirect benefits of European citizenship

– Having the benefit of being able to live, work and develop any business in any country member of the European Union without a visa or specific permission

– Access to loans for further education or graduate degree in all the EU territory

– Transmit citizenship to your children and spouse.

– Having the protection offered by the European consulates when you are temporarily or permanently in another country in the world.

– Recognition of professional qualification in order to be able to work in the European community.

– The right to vote in European Parliament elections, most important European organization.

– Obtaining scholarships and programs benefit for students offered by other European countries.

European citizenship is required to work in any part of the territory of the European Community. It is highly recommended to master English and have intermediate level of some other language community as Portuguese, German or French.

The opportunities offered by Italy are not temporary or for short-term. Demographic studies throughout Europe projected that within 40 years, the retired population over 65 will be increased by 16% at the expense of the working population, so affected countries are interested in attracting skilled professionals and open possibilities for immigrants.

Finally, the benefits of Italian residence citizenship as we have seen, are many and can meet the expectations of people with different goals. One advantage is access to Europe from the Italian territory, so you can be part of a stable social climate continent, full of history and ensure an escape from the routine at your fingertips.

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