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If you have an account on Tuenti and you start using it, here are many options you can use. For example you can choose your favorite photo, post it and hope that your friends comment something on it, you could comment on the photo of a friend, send invitations, you have many options.

If you have any doubt about what to post on Tuenti then you’re reading the right article because here we will teach you many beautiful phrases for Tuenti, you could post that you love someone very much, maybe your partner or your family or write your mood status or how happy you are to have all you need.

Do not forget that you can post on your own account or maybe do it in someone else’s account; you will see everyone will love it.

Free List of phrases for Tuenti:

– “There is nothing better than true love that lasts forever , that one that from the start you could tell was sincere”
Category :nice messages

– “I like going out with my friends to enjoy, but there’s nothing better than seeing a boyfriend dying for you and doing many things from the possible to the impossible to make you happy”
Category :nice messages

– “Every day my heart is anxious to see you, but I always pray that you look at me to be happy, because if you do not do so I do not know what to do”
Category :nice messages

– “There is nothing better than feeling true love, since everything in the past that hurt at some point does no matter anymore and I must admit that is a good thing and I have learned that love is paid with love”
Category :nice messages

– “I know that love help people to find true happiness, and I recognize that I doubted it before, but now I am a faithful witness”
Category :nice messages

– “When I go out I see love everywhere, from a couple giving each other lots of love to a good mother caring for her children with a huge smile on her face, everyone should be full of love”
Category :nice messages

– “One has to sacrifice things for love, but also one must be sure that love is true because if it is not we can end badly damaged”
Category :nice messages

– “One way to demonstrate that someone is a real friend is when she has a very important appointment and she goes to your home to support you in a difficult time, losing that appointment”
Category :nice messages

– “Sometimes people in this world are denatured as they bring children into the world and do not take care of them, and it is true that no animals would do the same thing, I wish this world changes”
Category :nice messages

– “Do not waste time with bad attitudes, we should always have a big smile for the other person and if he makes a mistake you ought to be smart enough to let him know without hurting his feelings”
Category :nice messages

– “Playing a song of love is a beautiful thing when you’re so in love, but when you think you’re not you feel too ridiculous to do so, it is normal”
Category :nice messages

We really hope you enjoyed these phrases and that you choose one of them for your tuenti account. You will see that many people would like them, do not forget it.

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