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Sweetest Christmas love quotesDownload romantic Christmas wishes.#RomanticChristmasWishes

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Christmas has the power to tender our hearts and soften our character, filling our minds with beautiful words to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This time full of peace and love is perfect for romance, so you can’t stop sharing original Christmas and New Year messages for your boyfriend.

You will not need to look anywhere else, here you will find some wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year phrases for your boyfriend, through them you can let him know your feelings.Best merry Christmas wishes and messages to Girlfriend.#RomanticChristmasWishes

What should I say to my partner for Christmas?

:: “This was a great year for both of us and the next one will be much better because our love will bring us great happiness. Have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year!”.

:: “Merry Christmas to you, my love, you make my days more beautiful and strive to be always better. May God bless you and have a wonderful New Year!”.

:: “Sweetie, I wish this Christmas is one of the most special of our lives and that in the New Year we manage to carry out all the projects we have. I love you a lot!”

:: “Merry Christmas and much prosperity in the next 365 days; May this love continue to grow and peace always reign in our home”.Christmas romantic love messages.#RomanticChristmasWishes

Sweetest Christmas love quotes

:: “My love, I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and that next year you will continue with your goals. I will always be there to support you. Congratulations!”.

:: “I am lucky to have your love. You are a good man and with all my heart I wish you a beautiful Christmas and a New Year full of opportunities”.

:: “Thousands of congratulations on this Christmas Eve my darling; May the love and peace of this holiday continue intact in the New Year. I adore you!”.

:: “Merry Christmas and an amazing New Year for you! Thank you for the love you give me and for taking good care of my heart”.Find sweet christmas wishes for Girlfriend.#RomanticChristmasWishes

Sweetest Christmas love quotes
for partners

:: “Congratulations on these Holidays, honey! It’s so beautiful it is to enjoy all this magic with you, my great love”.

:: “The only gift I need at Christmas is to keep your love in the next New Year and for the rest of our lives because you are the source of my happiness. I love you my darling!”.

:: “You are that star that leads me to love and happiness at Christmas and New Year. My love, I wish you a Happy Holidays!”.

:: “Our hearts are not only filled with our love also with the spirit of Christmas and the hope that the New Year brings us. I wish you congratulations, honey!”.Find romantic messages for Her at Christmas.#RomanticChristmasWishes

Best romantic Merry Christmas
wishes & greetings

:: “Your love is the best Christmas gift and having you with me forever is the wish I want to ask when starting the New Year. I love you and wish you the best!”.

:: “I want our love to become a protagonist during this Christmas Eve and become the best cabal to receive the New Year. My life, I love you very much!”.

:: “Being able to receive the baby Jesus in your company will make our love bigger and our hearts burst with joy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”.

:: “What if we keep a little of the magic of Christmas and the joy of the New Year to continue enjoying our love for the next 12 months? Happy Holidays, my king!”.

:: “Let’s share our love on Christmas Eve and as an omen, when the New Year arrives, let’s give each other twelve kisses full of tenderness. We will have Happy Holidays, my love!”.Find original Merry Christmas status for WhatsApp.#RomanticChristmasWishes

Heartfelt Christmas love quotes

:: “Our hearts will celebrate more than ever because this will be our first Christmas together and also our first New Year. I wish you all the happiness in the whole world!”.

:: “I wish every day were Christmas and New Year so that love, happiness and hope are always very present. Happy Holidays honey!”.

:: “Let the baby Jesus be born in our hearts and let the New Year fill us with beautiful illusions. Let’s live Happy Holidays and celebrate our love!”.

:: “I have no doubt, the most beautiful Christmas Eve of our lives and the most wonderful New Year to celebrate our love awaits us. Congratulations darling!”.

:: “I would love that as a Christmas gift we always have a very strong relationship and an immense love in our hearts to enjoy in this New Year. I love you, my dear!”.

Just imagine how happy your boyfriend will be when he is surprised with romantic Christmas and New Year phrases from you.

Do not just send them only once; use many of the beautiful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year messages that we have brought you.Find best Merry Christmas wishes & greetings.#RomanticChristmasWishes

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